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That’s peculiar, considering that once you delete your account the content is purged.

At the end of the day, everyone on lemmy is or was at some point a reddit user. The platform changed but the community is still the same. So enjoy!

Admins of an instance can link, defederate or block other instances.

For instance, see lemmy.ml’s instance list

You can still freely access the playlists on https://open.spotify.com/ without an account. And Newpipe has a share function for local playlists. You won’t be missing on a lot, just don’t fall for the consumerist trap and break the social boundaries.

Edit: You can also access banking services from their respective website. Don’t give them power over you by downloading their apps.

The FBI employee with a low wage going through hentai and shitpost material on a discord server:

Izzy removes packages that are mutual with F-droid after a week or so. See here.

And apkgrabber not getting updates isn’t crucial if it the app works fine as it is intended.

Yes they are clean APKs, i.e. not modified and the original signature is preserved. So they’re as safe as the Google Play Store.

Regarding updates, I recommend checking out https://apt.izzysoft.de/fdroid/index/apk/de.apkgrabber

I heard that accounts with genuine activity—that is, not created for the sole reason of using Aurora—aren’t targeted. However, I wouldn’t risk it XD

Google’s also rate limiting anonymous logins. It’s looking very bad.

Working out. It nourishes the soul before the muscles.

As far as I know they drastically changed the book details page without consulting the users who, shocker, aren’t happy with it. That was a couple of months ago.

The sub was created less than a month ago, what do you expect? I figured it could be a modest start to guide people towards healthier alternatives.

The people there are full of potential, they only need guidance. Unfortunately I don't have a reddit account to do so myself, but I hope that someone is interested in teaching them about open source softwares like bookwyrm and even the open source philosophy in general.

A one pot pasta and lentils. In a pot caramelize onion and bell pepper, add lentils and tomato sauce, then after boiling them add the pasta.

I still browse reddit without an account for informative material and niches but my activity is all dedicated to lemmy, mainly for its open source and non commercial nature.

Regardless of the disease’s severity, the manipulations of the public opinion that occured to push government and corporate agendas aren’t to be dismissed.

Covid is a story how big pharma capitalized on the failure of industrial society and how governments increased surveillance and curbed civil rights under the guise of insuring public order.

If by “problem” you mean capitalism, then class conscious education is indeed central to the cause. A contrario, legal reform will never achieve real change if it is to be carried out prior to the fall of capitalism. In other words, you’d be only helping the status quo survive, since the direction of “reform” is always governed by the overarching system. And in a liberal, representative democracy controlled by bourgeois legislators, passing revolutionary laws is inconceivable. Instead, once the system is brought down from outside the legal realm, we can then speak of legal reconstruction.

Now, what the content of this legal reconstruction or of the aforementioned education is depends largely on the sociopolitical history of the region in question; it’s a no-size-fits-all matter.

You being a moderator of the anarchism community, how is law viewed from an anarchist perspective?

I think capitalism can destroy itself quicker than with intervention. When the State intervenes say, to legalize unions this does not mean that the proletariat got any closer to winning. This can only be construed as the formalization of class antagonism.

Even when it is apparently providing real or specific justice for deprived groups in society, the state always maintains the legal form, and its justice is always formal.

[A]dministration picks at specific problems, abstracts them within the legal form, thus inevitably leaving particular lacunae or creating new problems that cannot be solved by those moments of abstraction, to be dealt with by the next wave of administration, in response to class conflict.

Miéville, China. “Between Equal Rights”, p.111-12, 2005.

In addition, even when revolutionnaries themseleves, extra-legally, attempt to burn down capitalism, it may cause at best temporary harm to innocent people and at worst, if revolution fails, irreparable trauma. Either way, whether we actively or indirectly combat capitalism, the means will have to necessarily justify the ends. I think the best approach is to adopt an intermediary position: helping capitalism weaken itself then burn it down when it nears the brink of collapse.

It’s indeed an interesting way to say that the means justify the ends. I mean, where’s our interest in regulating the unjust if it would mean we’d have to live with it, the unjust, eternally?

The sooner everything burns down the sooner we can rebuild.

That’s inspirational

Way too complicated for my use case, I just want bubbles with text. But thanks.

A mind map tool for android.

There is a good non-FOSS app on the play store, Simplemind, which was tracker-free, required no internet connection and also had a healthy privacy policy. Sadly it stopped working because I don’t have google play services on my phone and it doesn’t let me through the license wall. Smh.

I’m interested in knowing your opinion, would you mind elaborating more?

Many people see there’s the good and there’s the bad in many things in life, including AI. They believe that moderation and regulation is the ideal model. That is understandable and logical as long as we look at the issue from a decontextualized, abstract standpoint. What I propose is to look at things as an always changing process. When we tackle AI from a longterm-oriented framework, this technology tends to eventually become totalitarian and dystopian. It always starts with small, innocent steps.

Unlike many others, I haven’t been following the news of AI development. I didn’t even experiment with the technology, knowing that if I did I will become dependent on it. “But it will make your life easier!” But what for? What’s a life without hardships and effort? Why is technological development and efficiency deemed to be an intrinsic good?

This technology will eventually kill the human in us, because it is the activities we do that makes us and so abdication is suicide.

I understand your concerns.

What I would like to convey is that a vegan lifestyle can be just as easily commercialized by big agro-industrial corporations, and subsequently equally harm the environment of humans and other organisms alike. We should look beyond the debate on veganism and realize that it is the consumerist practices that are the main issue at hand.

I’m not simply saying that consumption of meat with moderation is the way to go. No, my argument goes further. Mass-produced meat is inherently harmful and no moderation can ever fix that. I propose instead buying smaller quantities of meat from local butcheries whose practices conform to good ethics and practices.

Meat consumption isn’t as damaging to the environment as what certain people perceive it to be. The problem lies in the unethical, capitalist practices of the meatpacking industry and its derivatives. We’re overproducing meat.

So no, a vegan diet isn’t an obligation but what is is reducing our meat consumption and stop feeding the animal-industrial complex.

who said plants can’t communicate too?

Average lemmy philosopher :p

Idk if it helps, but there used to be a person here who’d mess with CSS.

Check @ier’s community.

There used to be but they were all bullied by Facebook’s lawyers to shut down. Since then nobody bothers creating another proxy, it’s a dead end.

Embrace the de-facebook lifestyle and live like a free hunterer-gatherer unconstrained by modernity.

If you know his email address you can ask him to post his lectures on another more accessible platform.

Create a github account and post an issue here https://github.com/uuttff8/Lemmy-iOS

I saw this post too a while ago. Has it been addressed since then?

least repeated question on asklemmy 🤭

There was a poster on reddit promoting fediverse alternatives to mainstream social platforms. It caught my attention and so I signed up on lemmy whilst not yet fully grasping what was meant by “federation” and “decentralization”.

On a side note, there’s this nostalgic sentiment to my early days on this platform. It was a novel experience, and this is where I fell into the rabbit hole of privacy and libre culture. Lemmy’s content was a huge rupture from what I used to consume on reddit.

I’m not very knowledgeable in this field, does chatGPT always give accurate answers?

Edit: also, sometimes people seek cited research from scholars and professionals regarding topics with no straightforward answers. I’m not sure how credible AI is in such cases.

We have to make the concepts of decentralization and federation clearer to newcomers
In the last two days I witnessed three separate instances where a new user doesn't understand that lemmy is bigger than just lemmy.ml They would either vent or attack lemmy for say its moderation or users' opinions when in fact they're only criticizing lemmy.ml It's perplexing how they end up on lemmy.ml when [the instances page](https://join-lemmy.org/instances) doesn't put lemmy.ml on top. Is it because of the high userbase? If that's the case, devs still got to make it absolutely clear on their website how lemmy functions as a whole. Maybe insert extra dialogs when trying to sign up and move the "join a server" button to thr bottom of the page so people would scroll through and read.

What's your opinion on this? Is curing hereditary diseases on a genetic level a scientific possibility? If so, why there's a focus on supressing those diseases or their symptoms?