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You have got too much exaggerations in here. But let us take an example. Capitalists made the iPhone. Something else made the Librem. Something even different made the PinePhone.

It does not matter who actually the did the real job, but who commanded it and how he wanted it to be carried out.

Who put in initial capital to pay for production and workforce?

Confirm this from personal experience and observations.

When on vacations, I stay in bed longer.

Depends on what kind of breach and severity. Maybe if the the one breaching laws is harming people and refusing to stop, then maybe a sufficient amount of force by competent entities is required.

I read the article and still have no clue no real reason. The conclusion is that the site look did not change because it is still functional.

This only appears to be true on surface level and theory. But in practice not beign born into wealth still allows you to not only have your body or mind as your only capital. We get wealth mainly from creating value not labor. Could be difficult but doable.

I do that as well. Sometimes I mix a bit but chose to keep my favorite last.

Sidebar states everyone is welcome, even non-muslims.

Making suggested changes to default would break a lot of stuff. For example, enabling MAC randomization would cause connectivity issues if the user connects to a router with MAC filtering for example.

I am not on twitter. 🤷‍♂️

This is very difficult. We have Starbucks in our country, and rent is 3 times or less than $1500 and would assume the budget for homeless folks is approaching zero. So given context and accuracy of housing numbers, those averages are meaningless.

All in all, they are just selling overprice coffee in our city. You can get better coffee at the next coffee shop for 3 to 4 times less.

I did study for my masters degree on weekends and worked on week days. You need to take precautions not to get burned out since it would ruing previous efforts like failing at exams or getting poor performance at work.

For example, I made it clear to any professor that I refuse to make any homework, except preparing the thesis of course. This is a very bold move, since professors not used to teach full time employees would see this as defiance. Those used to us don’t even bother with homework and dedicate some to make exercises or practice during study hours.

We also had to remind the staff that we need to take some weekends of every once in a while when they forget to t avoid exhaustion.

Things to consider with a schedule like this:

  • You wake up early every single day of month and year.
  • Traveling becomes difficult if not impossible.
  • You cannot schedule chores on week-ends. You need to spread them throughout the week instead.
  • At least for me, life got managed like a corporate activity, with calendars and schedules, etc. Want to meet with a friend, no problem, just check the agenda for an opening. You want Saturday? no I can’t, I meet SO on Saturdays. Sunday 18:00?, no can’t either, I have a bath then barber appointment. I’ll be done by 21:00. We can have dinner if you want at 21:30.

I am wondering where did you get this numbers and to what locations they really apply?

OK, let us start reminding peopler about this. But what do mods think about this practice?

OK, so you basically use the keyboard to type code, not via touchscreen? Am I correct?

You have got a skewed view on even a “stereotypical” man. The stereotypical man I know is a loving, caring person wanting to provide and care for his lived ones. For women, what about cultures that don’t have dresses as a women’s clothing (this affirmation is unrelated to current thread).

I don’t want to go thru gender affirmation or theories but I just want to state that a man or women label are not a bad thing. For example, I know a good number of women that prefer wearing men’s underwear, or men that prefer using women’s body care products. Nothing wrong in that, nothing insulting and nothing humiliating.

Would be awesome. I am trying to stay politically neutral when it comes to humor and amusement. Especially when it is about foreign politics in don’t care about. But what about doing it the reverse. Making current memes group political free andcr createt some kind of c/polmeme or something.

This is a master of the craft. Others just know how to use tools and jig. Most of anglosaxon video on youtube use one tool per task.

Any FOSS Subscription manager. Alternatives to Zuora and Chargebee.
Is there any FOSS to manage subscriptions? My particular need is to trigger an API call upon subscription to start the service, and then bill subscribers based on their usage. The service would report the usage to the subscription manager. It would be awesome if the manager also provides a user area for subscribers to manage their subscription, pay bills and change a few settings, create support tickets, etc. Duplicate of https://lemmy.ml/post/92688 since I am not sure this kind crossposts are allowed.

What funny or memes oriented or generally interesting sublemmy community would you recommend?
I am looking for sublemmies I could follow that have no other target than entertainment, like eyebleach, PIC, hummm, dank memes, advice animals, battle station, amateurroomporn, natureismetal, pics of unusual birds, etc. Just nice, interesting and funny thinks to look at or read. Having a feed fool of !privacy posts is quit depressing.