• @Samubai@lemmygrad.ml
    22 years ago

    It’s not about what to say or don’t say. This sort of question leads me to believe you feel nervous, and frankly, it’s a normal thing to feel this way. Good for you, dating, esp at first, can be nerve racking! That’s at the same time horrifying, and wonderful. It takes bravery to go on a first date. Idc who you are.

    First, what’s your goal? Why are you going on a date? What are you looking for? Do you know who you’re looking for? Having no expectations(that can be a goal) opens the opportunity for learning about what you like. Just have a goal.

    Try to have an attitude of play. And let go of rigid concepts about what should or shouldn’t be said. If you can be light, compassionate and playful, you will be a delight to be around. And at the very least, you can have fun! I can’t tell you what to say bc you need to make that judgement when you start talking to them. What does your intuition say? What are the like? Are they a good match for you? Follow your intuition. Try to find out how they are interesting.

    My suggestion is to let things flow, and to not take this date too seriously. 99% of first dates can be awkward, but exciting. I mean, there’s this mystery in front you! It’s so nice to get to know people. People are fascinating. And it’s a wonderful thing to be nervous and excited about a first date! They’re probs nervous too, you might just not be able to tell.

    Learn patience, simplicity and compassion. If things don’t work out, it’s okay! That is so normal. It’s all part of the dance of dating. Sometimes your feet don’t go the same pace. Learn and move on. The more you date, the more practice, and the more you learn, the better you get. So, try to relax and go with the flow. It will all be okay.

    A word of advice though. If you feel too uncomfortable or get too much anxiety, you can leave early. Say you’re not feeling well, but be polite, maybe you can go out again when you feel a bit better.

    With all that, if you succeed in your goal, congratulations! It’s a true victory. If you don’t succeed, feel those feelings, learn, let them go and get back up. You’re a warrior of love now, lol.