pandemic WW3 work

  • Seanchaí (she/her)
    21 year ago

    In the last seven days: 500k confirmed cases in Japan, 375k in Russia, 372k in South Korea, 300k in China, 250k in USA, 200k in Germany, 166k in France, 112k in Italy, 65k in Australia

    Hmmmmm, seems pretty fucking global to me. And whether it’s present in your country or not, it’s ridiculous to say “why should anyone care”

    People should care because human beings are dying and becoming permanently disabled

    People should care because whether you personally are in danger or not, human lives are at risk, and other people being sick should be enough to care about.

      01 year ago

      Human lives are at risk from many causes. Do you know how many millions of people have to live in countries ravaged by war?