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Human lives are at risk from many causes. Do you know how many millions of people have to live in countries ravaged by war?

Im not the one acting as if covid is still a global pandemic. Again, in my country its over. So we here are in the purple section of the original image.

Its factually accurate in my country. Not everyone lives wherever you live.

So what, different countries are different? What a shock!

Why should anyone care about cases? What matters is that almost no one is dying from covid anymore.

Theres another pandemic?

Who is defending bigotry here? It was you who said that “Your different ideas shouldn’t be accepted anywhere”, which is clearly an ignorant, bigoted statement. Yet you somehow feel attacked by me? It doesnt make any sense.

Why are you switching the topic to gay marriage all of a sudden? Just before you mentioned that “they shouldnt exist”, implying things like murder or genocide. But no one is even considering that, only your paranoia. Just stop acting like a victim for no reason. I really and honestly dont care what your sexuality or gender is, so I hope you can stop distracting from the original discussion.

Whats with the projection all the time? No one is debating about anyones live, or suggesting that people should be killed. It seems you are unable to have a normal discussion, and try to use these shocking presumptions in place of arguments.

Or maybe he dislikes how LGBT people have yo promote their views everywhere, and attack everyone who disagrees in the slightest. No one cares what you do at home in your bedroom, or who you love, but we also dont need to know all the details.

You cant fight intolerance with intolerance. That will cause more conflict and more problems.

And how do you know so specifically what op thinks? Are you a mindreader?

He didnt say anything to suggest that they shouldnt exist. So stop projecting.

No need to get upset. Here is a definition of bigotry, which in my opinion matches your comment well:


A bigot is a person who is intolerant of opinions, lifestyles, or identities that are different from their own. Mostly, the person’s opinions are based on prejudice.

Note that op hasnt given any indication that he would “shit on” anyone, he just wants a place to express his opinion (which you obviously cant know). So its really your prejudice speaking.

I really wouldnt call this bland, mass-produced thing a bread.

Does it count when they intentionally describe themselves accurately? Thinking of Baerbock here.

Are other species capable of conscious thought and action, in the way that humans are? I dont think so, they live mostly by instinct.

I think for everyone it takes some time to get used to talking over the phone.