I hope that mods of this community limit these types of posts that aren’t memes. I’ve seen some posts that are merely political images and not memes.

Imo political memes are good and so belong among non-political memes.

  • Marxism-Fennekinism
    2 years ago

    And the reason you don’t see communist parties staging revolutions in the West is because we know we’re too small and would get crushed, so we focus on growing instead of going out and getting killed for no hope of ever changing anything, and if the communist parties get stamped out now, they won’t have an opportunity to do anything in the future. We spend our time trying to rally the workers so maybe one day we could have that critical mass.

    Why was the Jan 6 coup attempt actually attempted? Because the MAGA fascists were at a point where they genuinely believed they could succeed. Seeing how many more people openly have those views in the US compared to anything left wing, not to mention the laughable lack of legal action afterward, they weren’t wrong.

    Even ants know this, and they won’t attack another colony if they think their numbers aren’t great enough to have a good chance at overwhelming them. It’s really sad that you don’t.

    • Ji Fu
      -22 years ago

      @OsrsNeedsF2P @HiddenLayer5 @memes Communist Parties will never be successful. Worker ownership of the means of production cannot occur through an authoritarian state capitalist system. We must empower the working class to unite in struggle and rebuild a new society inside the shell of the old, until it happens to become clear that capitalism has ceased to exist and the old shell falls off. #Solidarity4ever #IWW