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PSA: If you don’t absolutely need ARM or the really tiny form factor and can settle for higher power consumption, you can get a used Dell or Lenovo business PC from a few years ago for less than a new Raspberry Pi or even some of the higher end alternatives/clones but with similar computing power. Or something a lot more powerful for not that much more.

I really like their ultra-small form factor models. About the size of a coffee table book so not that much larger than a raspi with a case, and if you factor in the fairly high quality case, more I/O, active cooling, non-soldered CPU and RAM, and expansion through hard drive slots and M.2, it’s an even better value.

Technically, all land vertibrates evolved from fish, make of that how you want.

Are they still owned by Microsoft? If so, zero chance in hell they’re letting you sideload a ROM.

Some carrier locked non iPhone non Android “proto smartphone” piece of shit with an even more proprietary app store than those two (the servers are definitely long dead). Still have to find it.

Might have been one of Blackberry’s hail Mary attempts to make their own smartphone OS, I forget.

This made me think! I still have a smart ish phone with a qwerty keyboard! And I type a lot on phones! Gonna see if I can load PostMarket OS on it and see what it’s like writing long rants and roleplay responses on it compared to touchscreen!

Nokia G22 has removable back and standard screws allowing battery swap in less than five minutes at home

Is the bar this low now? That’s not a “DIY repairable phone”, that’s a “phone that meets the bare minimum for non user-hostile hardware”.

Any VPS or cloud host that supports Docker is your best bet. Since you can one-shot deploy from Docker.

I’d be interested in how the fact that the Tor browser in Tails has uBlock Origin pre-installed affects the security/anonymity of the browser instance. I’m all for blocking ads and trackers everywhere, but since regular Tor doesn’t have an ad blocker, wouldn’t fingerprinters be able to identify at least that you’re on Tails and not a normal OS? And therefore also know when you change where you’re accessing Tor from?

(Also, I totally thought this was referring to Tails from Sonic for a second lol)

The way I see it, they ruined ads for themselves and it’s not our fault for hating them enough to want to get rid of them. If ads didn’t make the web literally unusable, steal our data, consume more system resources than the site itself, and be a portal for malware, people would be more accepting of them to support websites.

This is a textbook greed leads to ruin tale, like cyberpunk Aesop.

Short answer: you can’t be because Lemmy and cPanel are based on different software architectures.

Long answer: First, as far as I know cPanel can only deploy PHP app, which most open source forums are. Lemmy is written in Rust and is executed differently to generate a website. Second, Lemmy has its own server that connects to the web host’s server in a process called reverse proxying, and it does this by having a main “Lemmy” program constantly running as long as the site is live, just like the web server it connects to. This works very differently from PHP, where each webpage is a separate very small program that runs when the page is called, and then exits when the page render is complete.

Hey, united Ireland though. Small victories?

The fact that this wasn’t immediately obvious does not bode well for real life.

You know cooking? That thing that allowed humans’ brains to develop and significantly reduced food related infection and is the single most important invention in the entire history of our species and one of the major things that allowed us to be where we are now? Believe it or not, that’s called processing.

Honestly, their “make money while you browse while making money for your favorite websites all while maintaining privacy” thing is so on the nose for “too good to be true” that I’m genuinely disappointed by how many people who are supposedly pro privacy and FLOSS development fall for it. If someone promises the world, they’re almost always either misguidedly deceiving themselves, or maliciously deceiving you.

Remember kids, veganism is not the most environmentally friendly diet. Eating the rich is.

I’ve never seen any real benefit of Brave over just the vanilla unGoogled Chromium fork if you really do want Chromium, or Firefox/one of the unMozilla’d forks if you want just any engine.

Seize the delicious cream filling of production.

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I stand corrected then. TIL.

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Didn’t Schrödinger initially make that thought experiment to show how ridiculous the notion of superposition is because he disagreed with the theory?

It’s really hard to search for or browse past topics when it’s one stream of messages. Also really hard to follow up on past topics with more discussion later on or have two groups discussing two different topics simultaneously.

I’d make a squid game joke but it might honestly turn out that’s exactly what they’ve been doing.

This is why SK needs the narrative on the DPRK for its propaganda. No one will pay their atrocities any mind the instant they make up some bullshit about the DPRK.

That was the point. And they they’ll say “hey, we passed right to repair right? god you’re so entitled for wanting more!”

Hydrogen is a potential mitigation for the peak use vs peak production issue of renewables. Think of hydrogen tanks less like conventional fuel but batteries, with higher energy density by volume and simpler engineering and less resource intensivs to manufacture compared to lithium ion.

Also, if you have a lot of tracks, the resistive and inductive losses of overhead wiring can actually put your energy efficiency below batteries or even hydrogen. Also, maintaining overhead wires and associated poles and gantries can both be more expensive and consume more resources than batteries or hydrogen. It can double the infrastructure costs per distance of track. What is the most efficient or cost effecrive system all things considered depends on factors like how much track you have, how often the trains run and how much power they draw, and whether you can use any tricks like dynamic electrification that turn off when no train is passing by. Though this is more of a problem with long distance heavy rail that runs less frequently.

Zoom and Epic Games are still definitely US companies, as are their shitty practices. A small minority share by a Chinese company does not make it “controlled by the seeseepee”.

A fascist billionaire hating it is for nearly all things one of the biggest seals of approval you can get.

Yep. Not everything is about resources. If you can’t extract resources without destroying the environment or insulting the Indigenous residents, you should think of those resources as inaccessible. Maybe not physically, but morally.

Also, isn’t it a sacred mountain to the surrounding Indigenous peoples? Don’t mine it.

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Your brain on capitalism: need to split up resources evenly? Nah, just murder the others and keep it all for yourself!

I wrote a bash script to help me with a tedious task yesterday. So… That?

I mean, that’s the point isn’t it? That’s why rich assholes love bubbles to much. Let’s them steal from us then when it all comes crashing down, blame us for being stolen from.

Hey, at least now he doesn’t have to pay taxes!

Not necessarily. You’re thinking of liquid hydrogen, which is definitely widely used, but almost all consumer hydrogen powered stuff, like cars, use compressed hydrogen, which is the same as the compressed natural gas you get from the municipal mainlines. Actually, compressed natural gas is used in vehicles too, but usually busses and trucks and not so much personal cars.

If hydrogen fuel ends up being viable, they can be converted to carry that.

Remember when Musk said he's buying twitter because "hurr durr free speech"?

Part 2:

How much computing power and storage space is your instance using?
I'm really curious as to what kind of power it takes to run Lemmy. I know it's pretty light, but how light? Especially curious about tge larger instances like and Lemmygrad. What kind of CPU are you using and how much of that CPU is occupied? How much ram? How much internet bandwidth? How much storage for the database and the images?

How much computing power and storage space is your instance using?
I'm really curious as to what kind of power it takes to run Lemmy. I know it's pretty light, but how light? Especially curious about tge larger instances like and Lemmygrad. What kind of CPU are you using and how much of that CPU is occupied? How much ram? How much internet bandwidth? How much storage for the database and the images?

English is the worst language: An anthology.
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