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Also, can we talk about how excessively influential the Harry Potter series is in the magic/witchcraft fantasy genre, despite actually having subpar plots, characters, and especially worldbuilding compared to other, less popular works?

Like, Harry Potter is the first character people think of when you say “wizard” or “magic wand”, even though he probably doesn’t deserve to be.

Actually, a wizard wouldn’t need the trans prefix.

Because they would simply be able to change their biosex with a spell.

As should be their right.

central bureaucracy


Yet if you search in subreddits like /r/learnprogramming, you can still get a solution faster than on Google.


I see it as on the same level of a vegan advocacy organisation working with one of the biggest meat companies in the world. Sure, the vegan org might reduce the suffering of the animals under their control, but that shouldn’t be their goal, complete abolishment of animal agriculture should be.

Bezels take up a greater percentage of a phone’s screen area than a computer’s, so reducing them would make a bigger difference.

Assuming that the history is not stored anywhere, that’s a pretty big advantage for security. A hacker can’t breach what doesn’t exist anymore.


As an Asian, wearing outside shoes inside is incomprehensible to me.

Also, your feet must goddamn stink if they’re in shoes for the vast majority of the day, every single day.

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The idea that Russians do things jankily or don’t care about safety are common US stereotypes about them. For example, /r/anormaldayinrussia on Reddit.

Stereotypical then. And it’s clearly of the context “lol Russia bad America good”.

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It does look like it has a Russian license plate:

Doesn’t stop it from being racist though. Imagine taking a picture of a black gang member and insinuating that it’s the standard among all African Americans.

I wish. But most restaurants don’t allow outside food.

A pretty well-written villain. Good redemption arc too. Honestly, a lot better than the newer villains like Starlight Glimmer.

On the other hand, Linux systems often contain more valuable things than Windows or Mac. The average person probably doesn’t have too much valuable data on their PC, but a web server? Database server? Corporate network control node? Those are jackpots in comparison.

Fun fact: “malware as a service” is very much a booming business on the black market. Usually in the form of things like cryptominers/cryptostealers, adware/scamware, spyware, and ransomware. You pay to buy prepackaged malware, usually one designed to make you money as a kind of return on investment, and deploy it.

It’s the reason security researchers often find that “this new malware going around” is “similar to/a strain of/uses the same engine as this older malware”.

If a dataset is [10, 10, 10, 10, 1], then 80% are above average, or more specifically, above the mean.

Though, IMO, saying that you think you’re of above average intelligence is a thoroughly cringey and narsisistic thing to do.

Surely there are healthier ways of dealing with abuse fantasies. Seeing a therapist for example.

Pretty sure a huge part of treating mental disorders is to NOT reinforce the behaviour.

Just saying, this situation is the opposite of “video games cause violence”. People who do this already enjoy this stuff.


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