Ok , here we go.

I like lemmy a lot.

Mastodon and all the others are too complicated with too many dam options for threads. Not to mention I hate the Twitter layout.

Like look,

I want lemmy to have more users. The lack of engagement here is just beyond sad.

I’ve seen a lot of lemmy instances with like 1 user a month. Seriously? What the fuck?

I’m entertaining a thought to create a lemmy instance, but is there even a point? Should i even bother?

I feel like the issue with these reddit alternatives, is the LACK of content and users.

What do you think?

  • PicoBlaanket
    112 years ago

    I guess that depends on how you define success:

    • If I make an instance for writers, and 30 writers use it … success.
    • If I make an instance for my friends, and we use it … success.

    Personally - I’d rather have a tight-knit community than a zillion spammers regurgitating low-effort posts (like many reddit subs).

    The cool thing about success is - you get to decide what it means.