Ok , here we go.

I like lemmy a lot.

Mastodon and all the others are too complicated with too many dam options for threads. Not to mention I hate the Twitter layout.

Like look,

I want lemmy to have more users. The lack of engagement here is just beyond sad.

I’ve seen a lot of lemmy instances with like 1 user a month. Seriously? What the fuck?

I’m entertaining a thought to create a lemmy instance, but is there even a point? Should i even bother?

I feel like the issue with these reddit alternatives, is the LACK of content and users.

What do you think?

78 hilabete

I feel like the issue with these reddit alternatives, is the LACK of content and users.

You’ve just found out that software by itself doesn’t create communities. My teacher of Online Communities in university used to say that “you can’t create communities online, you can just intercept them”.

Reddit is successful because it managed to give space to plenty of communities that had no space before.

Lemmy won’t grow until reddit starts kicking out bigger chunks of people beyond nazis and tankies larpers that go too far or until it develops features capable of serving communities that reddit cannot serve (very unlikely, but not impossible even though I have no idea what those communities could be).

If you have a community that you think could benefit from lemmy, then go on. Hosting an instance won’t make a difference if you don’t.

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