• Seanchaí (she/her)
    62 years ago

    I recommend taking some time and reading about the enclosure of the commons, in which the newly burgeoning capitalist class took all of the common land on which people could farm, hunt, fish, forage, etc., and decided, unilaterally, that it was private property and belonged to them.

    This locked humanity as a whole into a system whereby the entire natural world is owned by the wealthy few, and the rest of us are forced to sell our labour in order to afford food, a basic human right required to survive and which the vast majority are no longer able to acquire for ourselves without subjecting ourselves to wage labour exploitation.

    This is not an “opt-in” system, it is a violently enforced, coercive and exploitative system in which we must participate or perish.

    Subsistence removed from profit has been criminalised, meanwhile the globe produces 300% more food than is required for the world’s population. Despite that, someone dies of starvation roughly every 4 seconds.

    Why? because food is kept in warehouses or destroyed en masse to drive up its commodity price.

    If you think that somehow this is a “natural” or “acceptable” way for humans to be, where people die so some wealthy few may have more wealth than they will ever need, then I feel deeply saddened by your lack of compassion and empathy.