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It’s even more insidious than that. Majority of the population needs recurring income to operate. This includes private individuals and businesses. When the crash happens and people aren’t able to sustain a level of income to service their costs then lots of people become insolvent and are forced to sell off their assets for pennies on the dollar. This is great news for billionaires who can then swoop in and buy up everybody’s assets on the cheap. This is why crashes always lead to further wealth concentration.

I was saying that HramonyOS is a fork of Android. Linux is obviously a separate story from that. And here are a couple of article about China ditching Windows for a homegrown Linux distro

This is a national security concern for China, so I expect there will be a sustained push to move everything to homegrown platforms.

It’s actually happening. HuaWei pretty much switched to their own HarmonyOS that’s been forked from Android, and China has an initiative to replace Windows with Linux on the desktop as well.

Yeah, it’s promising and even MacOs numbers are a positive because it takes away from the Windows share. I think the future is looking up for Linux if these trends continue.

Doesn’t seem to be on sci-hub yet unfortunately.

Presumably this could go the other way eventually as well to construct sensations directly in the brain. That’ll be a whole new level of VR. You could potentially share mind states as well using this kind of tech. You’d encode an experience from one brain and then decode in another.

What part of nuclear power is very clearly being utilized for electricity production and heating are you not able to wrap your head around. The fact that the same plant is providing both is a net positive. Both electricity and heating are needs that have to be filled. So, not really sure what point you’re trying to make regarding the fact that waste heat is being utilized for heating. The alternative is to do what Germany is doing and burn coal instead. I guess that’s what you must consider to be preferable.

The use case in this article cannot be fulfilled effectively using solar or wind power sources. The fact that you evidently can’t understand this is truly amazing.

Presented with a non-electricity production use case for nuclear power continues to claim that non-electricity production use-cases for nuclear energy are unrealistic. 🤷‍♂️

I distinctly recall @poVoq@slrpnk.net confidently explaining to me that using nuclear plants in this way was fantastical and unrealistic because nobody in the west is doing it.

China hasn’t been at war since the 70s, and it’s not due to lack of capacity. Your despotic regime has been invading countries for its entire existence. I can’t wait until you all finally turn on each other and leave the rest of the world alone.

Difference is that US is a despotic regime that’s a blight upon humanity and a planet as a whole.

Look, US is just like a parent looking over their child here.

Reminds me of the joke how you never ask for help with Linux and instead just say Linux sucks because it can’t do X. Then somebody will inevitably write up a detailed step by step guide on how to get X to work with Linux.

I find old reddit is fugly, but at least it’s functional. New reddit design is just too busy for my liking.

old.reddit.com is literally the only way I find reddit to be usable, if that ever gets removes I’m never visiting that site again

I feel the opposite regarding the UI. Lemmy UI is clean and easy to follow, Reddit redesign is a giant mess. It’s bloated and flashy, but not at all ergonomic in my opinion. I find threads are much harder to scan through.

For all the intelligence individual humans exhibit, humanity as a whole behaves indistinguishably from a slime mold. If we treat humanity as an organism where individuals humans are cells, then the behavior of the organism is to just spread mindlessly across the planet and extract resources until they’re exhausted and it dies off. It seems that there’s a phase transition happening at scale where all the internal complexity of human society is reduced to a very simple and primitive behavior.

just some good old capitalist innovation in action

I can’t imagine that’s much consolation for the yeast. :)

To be fair though, consider baking bread. We breed a culture of yeast and then bake it to death and eat their husks.

There’s a similar dynamic playing out with China that played out with Russia last year. Russia used to have very subdued relations with countries like Iran or DPRK because they didn’t want to incur secondary sanctions from US as a result of open trade. However, once US decided to go nuclear with the sanctions against Russia then there was no reason to keep holding back.

Similarly, China has been playing a balancing act to avoid getting cut off from business in the west while low key supporting Russia. Now that US is becoming more openly hostile towards China, there is an increased incentive for China to deepen relations with Russia. You can see how China is increasingly publishing articles like this and this openly telling the west that their relationship with Russia is solid.

In particular, the CHIPS act basically ensures that Chinese companies won’t have access to high end tech from the west. So, tech companies that previously worried about getting sanctioned, will have little to worry about going forward. The worst has already been done.

I see no reason why they wouldn’t.

Ah yes, the holodomor. Why don’t we take a look at what actual historians have to say

During the 1932 Holodomor Famine, the USSR sent aid to affected regions in an attempt to alleviate the famine. According to Mark Tauger in his article, The 1932 Harvest and the Famine of 1933:

While the leadership did not stop exports, they did try to alleviate the famine. A 25 February 1933 Central Committee decree allotted seed loans of 320,000 tons to Ukraine and 240,000 tons to the northern Caucasus. Seed loans were also made to the Lower Volga and may have been made to other regions as well. Kul’chyts’kyy cites Ukrainian party archives showing that total aid to Ukraine by April 1933 actually exceeded 560,000 tons, including more than 80,000 tons of food

Some bring up massive grain exports during the famine to show that the Soviet Union exported food while Ukraine starved. This is fallacious for a number of reasons, but most importantly of all the amount of aid that was sent to Ukraine alone actually exceeded the amount that was exported at the time.

Aid to Ukraine alone was 60 percent greater than the amount exported during the same period. Total aid to famine regions was more than double exports for the first half of 1933.

According to Tauger, the reason why more aid was not provided was because of the low harvest

It appears to have been another consequence of the low 1932 harvest that more aid was not provided: After the low 1931, 1934, and 1936 harvests procured grain was transferred back to peasants at the expense of exports.

Tauger is not a communist, and ultimately this specific article takes the view that the low harvest was caused by collectivization (he factors in the natural causes of the famine in later articles, based on how he completely neglects to mention weather in this article at all its clear that his position shifted over the years). However, its interesting to see that the Soviets really did try to alleviate the famine as best as they could.


Not only that, but kulaks slaughtered livestock in response to collectivization https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kulak#Dekulakization

Oh, okay, makes sense.

Doesn’t even begin to compare to what US has done in Vietnam, Latin America, Middle East, Korea, and Africa. The fact that you continue to double down on this really says a lot.

Also, I’m not even arguing that USSR was somehow perfect or that bad things didn’t happen there. That’s the case for any human society. I’m simply pointing out your utter moral bankruptcy or pretending that USSR was somehow worse than the west.

Not gonna comment on your insults.

You mean statements of fact.

Did they do it with the explicit goal of stopping Nazi Germany, or did they do that just because they were European and “had” to do this European stuff that all empires did at that time?

No, they did it with the explicit goal of subjugating the people in those countries and plundering their resources. Europeans continue to do that today.

Wow, is that one entire region or is just a place with one base where they sometimes torture people convicted of terrorism the same way as the Soviet Union did?

Yeah, it’s just a torture camp that US put on the soil it annexed from Cuba, no biggie. US is literally the champion of invading countries and brutalizing their populations. Yet, here you are pretending that USSR was somehow worse. Really shows that you don’t actually have any morals to speak of.

I might be a bad troll, but I’m sure as hell not on either end of the horseshoe like your history shows as well.

The horseshoe theory was invented by imbeciles and continues to be parroted by imbeciles. It’s not a real thing as anybody with a modicum of historical literacy knows.

It’s pretty amazing that anybody could be such an utter ignoramus as to unironically ask what territories UK or France annex. The west colonized countless countries. UK murdered so many people in America that it changed the climate. UK brutally colonized India and committed a genocide there under Churchill. The west committed atrocities in China for a whole century. The west today is invading countries left and right having killed over 6 million people in its war on terror.

Imagine having to imagine if US sent troops to Cuba, which they did, and where US currently occupies territory. I simply refuse to believe that you could be so utterly ignorant not to know these things, which leaves the conclusions that you’re just a sad troll who’s not even good at trolling.

What I’m seeing is a bunch of asinine nonsense that has been debunked time and again. The fact that you posted this nonsense unironically and don’t even realize how absurd it is really says volumes. My favorite example of the absurdities you quoted is the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact which ignores the fact that USSR repeatedly called on the west to ally against Germany, and the fact that US companies continued to work with the nazis deep into the war. Every comment I’ve read from you has been deeply imbecilic, but this one truly takes the cake.

Thanks for adding to the comedy. Imagine being a grown ass adult who believes in horseshoe theory. 😂

Exciting to see there is a lot of active development and community participation on the project. 🥳