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It’s definitely not helpful that all of these conditions are lumped together. Hopefully research into CRISPR based treatments will actually bear fruit. That approach seems like it could have a lot of potential curing stuff that can only be maintained right now.

The real question for anybody living in the west is whether they share user data with western intelligence agencies.

Real art is made because the artist has something they wish to convey to others. Profit and markets have nothing to do with art.

The big problem for companies like Hive is that they need to keep showing growth to their investors, and their revenue model is ads and analytics. It’s not clear how well this business model will work in a recession. Hive is also mobile only, which seems to be a big limiting factor.

I’ve noticed a huge spike in Mastodon usage of late, and it looks like this is becoming a self reinforcing phenomenon. It’s starting to get more and more mainstream coverage, and that in turn helps legitimize it as the platform to use as the Twitter alternative.

It also helps that Mastodon is relatively mature now, and there aren’t any commercial alternatives to Twitter that people can flock to right now. So, it’s basically the only game in town.

Yeah, I’m really excited to see how this develops. Since these chips have already shown to work by IBM, it’s really just a matter of bringing the cost down. If China is willing to pour money into this tech then it’s just a matter of time.

We’re now approaching limits of what you can squeeze out of silicon, and the returns are diminishing rapidly at this point. On the other hand, even a naive implementation of transistors on a substrate like graphene could make silicon look like vacuum tubes with lots of room to grow in the future. If this works it’s going to be a game changer that will allow China to leapfrog western chip industry.

I fully expect China to be ahead of US in chip manufacturing within half a decade.

Yeah, this is going to go down in history as a de facto example of how not to do an acquisition.

Yeah, it’s pretty exciting. We might actually see electronics that are ambient powered in the future. Koomey’s law is really underrated :) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koomey’s_law