So I made a post recently about my new commitment to Privacy. I’ve made the choice, that I’m going to delete my Amazon. Before I do though I would like some feedback on alternatives, and more privacy friendly places to buy things
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Privacy friendly… doesn’t really exist in the land of credit cards. Though credit cards have to be PCI compliant so your data can’t be shared beyond your credit union or your credit card provider.

As Heck said, pretty much and widget/clothing/electronic item you can get on Amazon you can get on AliExpress (though likely not the same brand name.) But there’s also Gearbest,, etc.

Shopify is building a network to compete with Amazon that gives power to the vendor (ie. Shopify isn’t getting into the game of selling any products, just providing the platform for stores to sell their goods.) - you can check it out here:

I don’t know of any specific privacy focused online retailers but I would suggest getting your groceries from a local co-op instead of the Joe Traders, etc. and clothing from Shopify, etc. (Though Simwood on Aliexpress can’t be beat for quality/price.)
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hmm that is really interesting. Never heard of shopify. Is there a way/interface to buy things through webbrowser like amazon?
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Not yet. I’ve heard they’re building it since every business using the Shopify platform is using the same code. It’s a matter of aggregating it and how to do so effectively because every store is setting its own variables on products, etc.

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