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Personally I don’t think so, to me life looks to rigidly structured to be random. Too complex, too many if’s in the way the Earth has to be just right. MAYBE it could be random but design actually seems more likely to me. Then again, though, people shape there world view to better fit around there personal identities. No one is without bias in that.

The problem with this meme, is that the template used to spell it out is purposed to say evolution.

Evolution is a fact, the real argument is actually biogenesis. Did life originate from a soup, or was it all part of a grand design.

The old argument, is that the complexity of life is so great that it isn’t reasonable to believe that it could have happen naturally. Although realistically, there’s no true scientific way to prove it did or didn’t. It’s all theory

I know Anki, what are the other two

removed by mod…pathetic…apparently I’m sparking to much controversy.

My advice, Go vanilla Arch. Alot of Manjaro’s issues are actually tied up in the fact that it recommends you use PAMAC to install things. PAMAC, though user friendly, also seems to cause a lot of system stability issues when installing packages, vs just using pacman. I’ve also heard that, even though Manjaro is a rolling release, it keeps certain things back that are released on vanilla Arch branch more quickly. I don’t know this for cirtain but I’ve heard it some where I think.

Install vanilla arch via the archinstall command, then get an AUR helper like ‘yay’. In my experience it’s more stable and just plain better.

If you do decide to go with an Ubuntu based Distro, Give POPos a try

This is a federated reddit alternative. The code is open source. If you don’t like how the community is being run you can branch off and create your own group. That was the whole point of lemmy I thought.

Linux is actually extremely easy if you choose the right distro. I use Manjaro Linux because I like having access to the Arch Repository without all the fuss of an Arch install. It’s super quick to set up and sooo smooth for my PC. I use the Gnome desktop option because of the great extension support it offers, as well.

What are some of the main disadvantages to signing into google?
So I have been trying to crack down on my privacy. I run linux on my hardware. I use a few web extensions that are recommended for security and I do my best to avoid google services. I was wondering though, what are the main disadvantages of signing in if I'm surfing "with protection" so to speak. I have to admit, there are still a few google services like google drive and youtube which I kind of covet, but I'd still rather not use google at all in most instances. Can some one maybe break down some of the pro's and cons of signing in? Do any of you still sign into use google services or do you avoid it like the plague?

Become Debian

This will prob sound lame but just lurk on reddit and constantly post to and about lemmy there. Reddit is where you will find a familiar audience of people used to this type of website, and reddit as a glut of users

hmm ya that was interesting. A federated Shopping system really would be an ideal use of federated technology.

hmm that is really interesting. Never heard of shopify. Is there a way/interface to buy things through webbrowser like amazon?

if such a system existed i would definitely be interesting. Lately I am invested in all things fedivers. There is always crypto currency and blockchain tho

I’m beginning to. I figured asking a community dedicated to privacy might be a good start.

I need alternatives to Amazon
So I made a post recently about my new commitment to Privacy. I've made the choice, that I'm going to delete my Amazon. Before I do though I would like some feedback on alternatives, and more privacy friendly places to buy things

for sure, all we can do is try to build habits that will help protect us and improve personal privacy

Its just that Reddit is connected to all the other big tech conglomerates and its watched to closely, its getting creepy. I don’t really think i can point out specific examples. They banned Trump though, and for me that was the red flag. They are just censuring at their leisure now. As for Amazon, my plan is to try to buy direct from manufactures. I might use Amazon’s interface to browse, and then go else where to buy

ah, good to hear from a like minded individual. For so many years I trusted google, but the political situation over the last 5 years has really opened my eyes to what google, and its tech peers have become. Its soo bad

Quickly editing subscriptions.
I see on my main page it lists my subscribed forums, but i don't see a remove button listed next to them, so i can quickly edit the list. Is this a planned feature?

In the Midst of eliminating Amazon and Google from my life. Came here because I felt like this community would appreciate!
I'm in the midst of eliminating anything from my life that is connected to big tech. I'm going to delete my Amazon, and Google Accounts. I already deleted my Facebook. I'm working on getting my purchases downloaded and converted from Amazon as of writing this. I'm going to get rid of Reddit as well. Sadly reddit has become super contaminated with censorship, and that is one of the hardest platforms for me to leave. It must be done though, i can no longer support their platform. Gmail will probably be the last thing to go. Already switched email services and i'm trying to get everything moved over. Years of connecting services to Gmail leaves me in a tangled mess. I didn't have a point really. I just wanted to tell people who might appreciate, and solidify my actions in my own mind. I'm trying to create a new self identity in a privacy focused environment.

New to Lemmy. Notifications don’t seem to go away after i click the badge.
Title sais it all. My notifications don't go away after I click the number next to the bell icon

ty sir! Faster reply than I thought. I’m a bit new to Lemmy to. Coming over from Reddit

What is the Fediverse equivalent for discord?
Basically just what the title sais