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Not to detract from these guys because this is a dope release. But there’s a relatively new online collaborative open source one called PenPot that’s similar to Inkscape worth checking out too.

Yah so Open Source projects, even GPL ones, need to have a non-profit foundation or Co-operative organization housed around them to be sustainable, if not eventually your favourite project will be sold off at some point in time when the project maintainer retires, gets bored, or wants to cash out.

I think we need to start socializing this more that Open Source != noble project you should support. Especially with the big tech companies embracing the concept and stripping the ideology behind it. The fact that Google doesn’t allow GPL code should be a red flag for anyone using BSD/Apache/MIT.

Isn’t it already central tracking for some cookies used by Facebook etc?

They eliminate ads on the sites you visit with the consent of the site and share revenue with them?

Fair point. I don’t know enough about cookies but it would have to be a zero knowledge proof identifier. Not sure that could be programmed into a cookie.

Idea for Using cookies to enforce privacy and build website sustainability
Thinking of how the Brave browser blocks ads but then replaces them with their own to generate revenue. What if there was a browser/chrome/Firefox add-on that you paid ($2 a month?) That installed a cookie on your device that would then remove adds from all.the sites you visited, that gained a share of what you paid in order to remove ads for you. So mass media sites, tech sites, etc. Would recognize your cookie, see that you've paid, and track how many sites you visited and then bill the company for how many users subscribed to the ad free service.

You’re both wrong, use linux.

I have a love/hate relationship with Nextcloud for how bad they neglect personal users. They advertise as being an amazing cloud host solution for everyone but unless you use a partner provider you can’t get support as a personal user. Even the “gold” Nextcloud hosting providers will say they are powerless when it comes to fixing issues because they’re not paying for enterprise support licenses for their personal users. So we’re left with these long running issues (I have tickets that have been open since 2018 that are still not resolved) because Nextcloud GmbH has no incentive to fix.

Collabora built Libreoffice Online (C++) to have the software processing happen on the server side. OnlyOffice (HTML5) is built to have the processing on the client side in the browser. From a user perspective I don’t think it matters, but I believe most hosting/solution providers looking to offer a whitelabel office suite opt for OnlyOffice because it requires less server resources, as document processing is happening at the edge (the users computer, not the server.) I’m oversimplifying here but that’s the high level afaik.

It should become a platform coop where the users can become members and have a say in how it is governed.

Encrypted Emails between tutanota is enabled by default, so theoretically just having everyone on the tutanota platform would make it easier. Not that that’s likely.

Protonmail works with the CIA so definitely wouldn’t trust them unless you’re with a US backed rebel group.

“Also I do not like having to run Steam because I feel like that defeats the point of using free OS…”

You’re having a cognitive dissonance because of the dialectical nature of Linux’s goals with the reality of software in world society. You can’t think hyper rationally about linux. It has goals and a mission to provide a free software ecosystem but there are many things it offers that are proprietary. Think about this from a priority perspective: would you rather support a FOSS OS that aligns with your values and compromise by installing Steam and Lutris, or be a purist and say if it can’t all be free there’s no point at all and I will embrace the proprietary nature of Windows 10? This is the same folly that some ideologies fall into, they are not willing to make compromise because they feel it dirties the goal of their movement, so they participate in the existing world and just complain. Be pragmatic.

This seems like an overreaction for an opt-in addition on something they won’t be applying cross-tracking to. Software that scales to a larger audience can be improved via telemetry data collection. Probably more concern here around the recent acquisition and fear of commercialization. It’s good to be vigilant but not reactionary.

Yes, you’re using a privacy focused platform and if you want to publish information publicly you can post on the fediverse. Out if curiosity what do you mean by privacy and also social media? A closed network?

Where is lemmy.ml hosted?
Hi, Where is Lemmy.ml domiciled? Where do the donations go? I'm concerned about data rights as well as tax support for imperialist regimes like the USA.