Lemmy comments seem to have two URLs.

One is of the form https://{{domain}}/post/{{postId}}/comment/{{commentId}} The other is of the form https://{{domain}}/comment/{{commentId}}

It seems like the second one is used as the AP id because it’s the only one that resolves to the post when I search from my pleroma acct. Why does Lemmy surface two URLs on the comment? While I think the first form makes more sense, I think the comment should only include the second one since it’s the one that can actually be resolved to the post from other software. If there’s a reason to keep both around, could the first form be fixed so that it also resolves to the post?

the byline of a lemmy comment

In the above screenshot, the link icon uses the first URL form and the community icon uses the second URL form. This is another strange pattern. I would expect the community icon to link to the community’s home page.

  • @leanleft@lemmy.ml
    1 year ago

    this is very noticible in tui browsers. medium annoyance. not a dealbreaker <sub>for me</sub>