• @blkpws@lemmy.ml
    9 months ago

    I was a bit paranoid and wanted to make it not unique, I reached my goal but… then I got banned from multiple platforms because I was “suspicious”, or I don’t know how to say it… and the faking data takes a lot of my browser load time…

    Don’t listen to people that says Brave browser is fantastic… they can still track you.

    I use the default Firefox browser, then I searched info to remove the tracking things built in on about:config and then I installed an open source add-on to fake everything, but I removed this add-on because it breaks websites and I get banned a lot.

    Now I just use Firefox containers to keep cookies I care in separated containers, a cookie/data cleaner but keeps the logged sessions on the selected containers (sometimes Google don’t allow me to log in again because they can’t validate it’s me, so I need to keep at least one cookie session in case that happens again), and a proxy working with containers, so a container called “social” will go through Tor, so my ISP can’t know my likes or politic thoughts.

    You can customize it pretty much as you want, if you want me to search what add-ons I use and used to make this possible I could if you were really interested. I just want to say, careful getting banned for being suspicious.

    In summary, you can find open source tools/add-ons to do it, but you will have a lot of issues to use it for daily tasks, so maybe just try to find a balance.

    • Firefox fingerprint blocking has notorious errors with many websites. Instead of attempting to deny fingerprinting, Brave sends random info for each request. Maybe I’m missing something, how does denying fingerprinting for websites deemed untrusted make it more thorough than Brave which sends random info for any request??

      • @blkpws@lemmy.ml
        39 months ago

        Both are great, but I don’t really see the need of Brave, all their features can be reach with add-ons also open source on Firefox, as I said on my post. Using add-ons you can make websites block you for being suspicious.

        But on Firefox I have containers and can keep the cookies I want on different containers if I am not interested to be logged in, you can also have proxy for each container. I also have an add-on that deletes cookies/all data each 10 seconds unless the domains on the containers I specified. I don’t think Brave can beat this.

        With this add-on https://absolutedouble.co.uk/trace/ you have strong fingerprint protection.