• Firefox fingerprint blocking has notorious errors with many websites. Instead of attempting to deny fingerprinting, Brave sends random info for each request. Maybe I’m missing something, how does denying fingerprinting for websites deemed untrusted make it more thorough than Brave which sends random info for any request??

    • @blkpws@lemmy.ml
      39 months ago

      Both are great, but I don’t really see the need of Brave, all their features can be reach with add-ons also open source on Firefox, as I said on my post. Using add-ons you can make websites block you for being suspicious.

      But on Firefox I have containers and can keep the cookies I want on different containers if I am not interested to be logged in, you can also have proxy for each container. I also have an add-on that deletes cookies/all data each 10 seconds unless the domains on the containers I specified. I don’t think Brave can beat this.

      With this add-on https://absolutedouble.co.uk/trace/ you have strong fingerprint protection.