I don’t know if I am missing a point or not but I don’t exactly quiet get the hype as to me, it just chrome with poor man’s uBlock Origin and their own crypto in the mix.

Like how it that different from me using ether Librewolf or even Google Chromium and install uBlock Origin compare to Brave?

  • Guess whenever Google rolls out the update to disable tracker blocking as we currently know it, we’ll be firmly able to answer this question. It’s unclear to me if this will impact Brave but if it doesn’t then this will show Brave was worth the hype more or less I think.

    Edit: I love FF but something’s just run better on chromium, I have FF as default with Brave as a back up

    • Ephera
      1 year ago

      Well, what Google wants to introduce is a completely arbitrary limit to the number of filtering rules, so increasing that constant in the code should be no trouble at all.

      Having said that, ad blocking effectiveness is lower on Chrome-based browsers already today: https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/wiki/uBlock-Origin-works-best-on-Firefox
      Padding those flaws out or offering similar functionality to uBO in their custom ad blocker, that does take some effort.