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It says in the text at the bottom (in an unfortunately not quite as obvious way) that the HTTPS connection makes use of HTTP/2, which is significantly faster, because it streams multiple resources across one connection.

This is indicative of reality. If you set up a server nowadays, it will support HTTP/2 out of the box. And major browsers will only do HTTP/2, if it’s an HTTPS connection. But yeah, it’s not inherent to it being encrypted.

I wish it was more obvious from that webpage, since yeah, HTTPS is definitely slower by itself, but it is what a current real-time measurement will likely give you.

Yeah, the lack of regulation is eroding trust in technology. This kind of tracking does not require the data to ever leave your phone and under sane privacy laws, users would not be left wondering about this.

I really don’t see those as the same thing. You can’t talk to the same people on Twitter that you know from Facebook. With the Fediverse, you generally can.

A user on https://mastodon.technology can migrate to https://fosstodon.org and will generally find the same people + whoever may have been silenced by more aggressive moderation.
Same thing the other way around. Most users don’t care about seeing everything, and may just find it more convenient when trolls and assholes are already filtered out for them, so may migrate from Fosstodon to mastodon.technology.

No, this is not a perfect system on an individual user basis, since most users won’t really know what they’re not seeing.
But I do think, in the grand scheme of things, people will bundle up around instances that offer a good balance between interesting content and trolls/assholes.

I mean, users can decide to move to an instance with less moderation.

The thing with these kind of arguments is that they don’t really matter. You have thousands of volunteers working on these projects. If they collectively decide working on software A isn’t fun anymore, you either pick up the slack on software A yourself or you hopefully enjoy software B.

Could use it to represent a shell. It reminds me of a prompt with underscore cursor:

$ _

Wow, I was thinking this would make a lot of sense when they announced work on an Android Thunderbird variant, but never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined this actually happening. This is awesome!

When did we get to shelf scale and room temperature quantum computers? Last I heard, we can barely manage them completely isolated and at near-zero temperatures.

Or is this a quantum computer with, like, one quantum and barely reliable…?

Yeah, I don’t get why the rest of the comments here are shooting against both. Firefox is 100% doing the right thing here.

I’m hoping, performance will become somewhat of an objective again, due to the chip shortage…

I don’t even get what it’s trying to be humorous about…

Ah, so that’s why he was such a jackass about people returning to office. He wants to cut down workforce anyways.

I am curious how it will play out here in Germany. You cannot ask employees to work more than 40 hours per week on average, so demanding they work at least that much, leaves a very narrow corridor…

I could also see this being the entrypoint for the next major regression. People give far too much of a damn about this guy’s opinion, so him saying he’s got a “super bad feeling” could make people stop investing, which will cause the regression.
But yeah, we’ll see. It’s kind of been looming for a while already…

I don’t know anything about Carrd, but well, you can totally use Neocities for having just a few pages.

For example, https://chriswere.wales is just a few small pages with little lists and it used to be hosted on Neocities.
In fact, you can totally just right-click in your browser and select “View Page Source” and that will show you the whole magic. That website is just hand-crafted HTML+CSS.

If you copy that HTML into an index.html-file in your Neocities space, and also copy the style.css file, that should already look the same. Any links to sub-pages won’t work, because you’d also have to individually copy-paste those, but yeah, it’s not particularly complex.

It will certainly require some amount of willingness to dick around with this stuff and to learn a little bit, but unless you’re really opposed to that, I can’t imagine that Carrd or similar services are really worth the money.

Awesome. I hope, they include a few shaders out of the box.

That’s kind of the selling point of OpenMW, even to people who don’t care about Linux support etc., that it’s relatively easy to setup (compared to modding the base game), while coming with some vital updates, like high-res support, better draw distance and no loading times.

And shaders fit into that scheme. They won’t cause you issues, like conflicting mods can, and they make the game look significantly better.

gcc will get installed as part of the build-essential package that @ksynwa@lemmy.ml listed. And gcc should get called automatically by the make-command.
So, you actually don’t have to do a manual step to put gcc somewhere.

Did you run those commands? Did it work?

I’ve had contact with C in a course in university, too, but I never felt anywhere close to as productive as with e.g. Java. Learning C felt more like a historic exhibition than like learning a tool I would actually use.

And yeah, there’s this saying/quote, which goes something like “code is low-level when it concerns itself with uninteresting details”. And C definitely feels like that to me.

Rust has kind of broken that saying, because it allows low-level machine access, but actually offers rather high-level abstractions.
I mean, you do notice that Rust doesn’t use garbage collection, so that is one detail which I largely deem uninteresting as a human that just wants to make things go beep-boop, but yeah, it is still an enormous improvement in the uninteresting details department.

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Well, at least he already has his wheel chair ready to go…

Eh, most devs involved are volunteers. If they enjoy, say Xfce, and decide to dip into development, then it’s not wasted time for them.

Telling them they’re wasting their time, because KDE already has dips on the Windows-like paradigm (and, given its customizability, all the other paradigms, too), will not make them invest their time into KDE.

Clearly, Xfce is different enough for them to prefer using it, and as such, it’s also perfectly legitimate for them to develop it. Not that they need legitimisation, because again, it’s their free time.

I think, they’re simply aware that few young devs learn C these days. The former Lingua Franca is declining in popularity and if they still want to have devs in twenty years, they need to start making a move now. Porting the whole kernel to a different language is going to take a long time…

Hi, I created a community for the game Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. It's an open-source game, so would've also fit onto [!opensourcegames@lemmy.ml](https://lemmy.ml/c/opensourcegames), but I wanted a place where I can post things which will only make sense, if you've actually played DCSS. So, this is quite a niche interest. I might be shouting into the void here, but that's okay. Of course, anyone else is welcome to shout with me. :)

dav1d is a decoder for the AV1 video codec. It's optimized for performance to achieve reasonable decoding speed even without hardware decoding support (which is still generally lacking for AV1).

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