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I mean, it’s extremely easy to fake these…

Absolutely wouldn’t surprise me, if they had no clue what data they have on individual users.

As soon as you have more than one team collecting user data (which they definitely have), you need to put in a dedicated effort to hook each team’s database up to a centralized API for when a user requests their data or its deletion.
Such dedicated, centralized efforts don’t mesh well with the capitalism-like system typically used at that scale of corporation. You’ll especially have legacy or prototype projects for which no one is willing to invest the money to comply with laws.

Of course, this is not an excuse. This is Google’s main source of income and they have had hard requirements for this since the GDPR took effect in 2018, and they knew about that coming since 2016.
If they still haven’t bothered to comply with laws, they should absolutely be sued.

I don’t even get how they came to place that folder in the home-directory. Was that just a lazy developer entering any folder at all during the earliest prototypes and then they never changed it?

And why did they never change it? Just give ~/snap priority, if it exists, but use ~/.local/share/snap/ otherwise.

Like, it’s Ubuntu that we’re talking about. The distro once lauded for it’s polished and intuitive desktop experience. And now they have a confusing and useless item in one of the most user-visible places, on every single installation.

Genuinely my biggest reason to not use them, is that snap/ folder in the home-directory. That is my periodic reminder to uninstall any Snap apps + Snap as soon as I can.

I also don’t like the added layer of indirection. I’ve had to use a proprietary, exclusively-Snap-distributed program for $DAYJOB and unsurprisingly, it stopped working within two weeks of having set it up.
I don’t know, if the Snap-layer caused it to stop working, but it made debugging harder. I couldn’t just start the binary from the CLI or look at the file-tree. There’s probably Snap-commands to do these things, but then I still can’t rule out Snap being at fault.

And Web MIDI could be interesting. It seems to just pass the MIDI interface to webpages: https://developer.mozilla.org/docs/Web/API/Web_MIDI_API

So, that means web-based audio production software, like for example BassoonTracker, could receive input from MIDI keyboards and the like.

Not sure, it’s going to be viable for professional use, though. Audio stream routing+mixing seems to be quite complex, even outside of a browser.

Another interesting change is in the bookmarks toolbar as the default “Only show on New Tab” state has been improved to also work correctly for blank new tabs.

Neat. I had to use the about:newtab page, customized to be empty, to use this feature, which always seemed like a waste of CPU cycles.

I mean, at this point, I’m hoping he can’t find anyone wanting to work for him at all.

Very good point. I hadn’t thought of that, and it’s certainly going to be a factor, although it would hit not just IT companies. Maybe IT companies more than others, because they often basically could not exist without venture capital.

And it’s pointless arguing this without concrete numbers, but I could still imagine that the “lack of lockdowns” is a problem for some companies.
I basically don’t watch Twitch, so very selective view here, but last weekend I was checking in on a streamer who started streaming during the pandemic and has made it her job.

She explicitly said that the times are over when she was getting 10–20 new followers per stream. It’s mostly stagnant now.
And I remember times when she put down a new PC as the thing she wanted to use tips for, because she didn’t really need anything else, and she still got the money for that within two days. This time, her tip jar purpose was being able to pay rent for this month, and it had already been sitting there for a few days.

And yeah, Amazon takes a cut, not directly from these tips, but when people are buying subscriptions or tipping via Amazon’s virtual currency. Which definitely also went down, possibly even more than direct tips.
If that’s the same situation for most streamers, Amazon is going to be making significantly less money than during the lockdowns, so that’s why I could also imagine this being the main factor.

I think, it’s mostly companies that benefitted and grew during the pandemic reducing their workforce again.

But yeah, with so many bad news in short succession, we might see investors shy away and the whole industry falling down.

Ah yes, the 5 stages of grieving: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance

Seems like we’ve just hit the bargaining phase.

Oh yeah, when I wrote “download”, I was actually simplifying. DCSS can be played in the browser and there’s folks hosting servers for free. On the server I’m on, you can choose from any version since 2012. Just one click and you’re playing antique DCSS:

Screenshot of a DCSS server, showing a whole array of different versions, between 0.10 and 0.29.

I was also simplifying when I wrote that the LibreOffice dialogue was buggy. I don’t remember what bothered me with that dialogue, nor what particular dialogue I’m even talking about.
I’ll stumble over it again, I’m sure, but yeah, it must’ve been some petty thing, for which I would have contributed a fix, if I could have managed that, but which wasn’t actually necessary to fix…

First one was an open-source game, Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, which I thought I knew like the back of my hand.
I wanted to try out a small tweak to how trees affect line of sight, but when looking through the codebase, I realized, it wouldn’t just require adding a flag to the tree entity, I’d need to make potentially bigger changes.

So, I asked in their IRC channel whether my suspicion was correct and within a few minutes, they told me the game actually used to behave that way until 2015. I had started playing the game in 2017 or so.
And yeah, I downloaded an old version and that was behaving like I wanted it to, and I quickly understood why it was changed.

Second program was LibreOffice. There’s a dialog somewhere in the settings, which is a bit buggy and I figured that couldn’t possibly be that hard to fix.

So, I downloaded the source code and tried to find that dialog in there. Their repo has 150+ folders top-level. I don’t even have a guess which folder could contain such a dialog. I also couldn’t manage to compile the repo.

Here, too, I probably should’ve asked for help, but yeah, I realized this simply wasn’t going to happen, even with tutoring, so I didn’t want to steal anyone’s time.
A bit frustrating, since I work with large repos on a daily basis and that codebase still slamdunked me without a problem, but yeah, least thing I learned is where to place my confidence.

Those poor moderators. They’ll have to make so many decisions what amount of penetration is too much…

This wave feels different from the previous ones. It’s not just the techies scouting things out anymore. They’re actively bringing non-tech friends over.
And there’s quite a few people migrating who use social media professionally, who often have a rather large following.

If Musk continues this barrage of bad news for a little longer, these friend groups and professionals might get beyond the initial exploration phase and establish the Fediverse as a place where they’re active.

In either case, a lot of people are learning about the Fediverse and might be more willing to migrate in the future.

I take advantage of it by having tried and failed to make a miniscule change in two separate programs. AMA. 😎

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Took me a moment, too. His mother was Diana. Diana died in a car accident.

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In German, we do have a dialect called “Sächsisch” which, believe it or not, is pronounced as “Sexish”.

Alas, it is commonly considered the least sexy dialect.

I would have liked to see more of an open, public discussion.

As someone else responded, sometimes it is acceptable for us as a society to take certain risks to not hold up progress. I can get on board with that here.

Like, the costs and the necessary delay of a long-term study would have probably been prohibitively high. We probably wouldn’t have any form of wireless connectivity now, if that was a strict requirement.

But basically resolving what you described in your last sentence, that wouldn’t have hurt. At least acknowledging that it’s not entirely risk-free, would have probably made conspiracy nuts disappear in an instant:
Yes, we’re risking the health and safety of all of you, but this was actually decided to be worth risking by your democratically elected leaders. We didn’t need some evil council. If this harms you, that was incompetence, not malice.

Hi, I created a community for the game Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. It's an open-source game, so would've also fit onto [!opensourcegames@lemmy.ml](https://lemmy.ml/c/opensourcegames), but I wanted a place where I can post things which will only make sense, if you've actually played DCSS. So, this is quite a niche interest. I might be shouting into the void here, but that's okay. Of course, anyone else is welcome to shout with me. :)

dav1d is a decoder for the AV1 video codec. It's optimized for performance to achieve reasonable decoding speed even without hardware decoding support (which is still generally lacking for AV1).

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