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Do they even do anything to help creators or is YouTube Premium just “Hey guys, you guys can skip ads and download but please give us money tho” even through there’s website where you can do it for free?

But surely Capitalism would benefit from this, right?

Have a feeling it was either when I was just searching FOSS alternatives or I saw a post on Mastodon about it. Either way, I enjoyed Lemmy

I totally forgot about Minetest, had to tinker with it again… cheers

I know YouTube is somewhat decent video site but I want to try learn other video services that isn’t just YouTube.

I used to play SingStar on the PS3 as well as PS2, it such a shame that the SingStore has closed down few years ago so I might give this a try someday!

Any PeerTube instance that isn’t alt-right?
I tried to search for them but it difficult as there quiet a lot of them that have alt-right videos. Also I'm not multilingual and only know English which few instance are a different language. Videos I like watching: - - Linux - FOSS review/showcase - Gaming (such as Fallout NV, Minecraft, Resident Evil etc.) - Online Privacy - Anything related to being queer

cross-posted from: https://beehaw.org/post/264139 > I've been wondering about these questions for a while now but the docs were scarce. > > 1. Does loading an image (cache/thumbnail) from external hosting takes up any server storage? If so, is it cleaned up when original image deleted? > 1. Do (internally hosted) "orphan" images (not linked to any post/comments) get deleted? > 1. Any recommendations for image hosting? Preferably freemium+donation based, open source, able to keep spinning until end of times -- all that jazz > 1. In relation to creating posts on lemmiverse: any hints for streamlined workflow uploading images to external hosting? (bookmarklets, scripts, custom frontends) > 1. Are there any promising Lemmy initiatives for optimizing storage usage? > > Got any questions of your own about image hosting? Let's hear it

How does Brave Tor compared to the regular Tor browser? It is just work as the same or is there few stuff they added to make it much better?

I’m more on about Brave the browser, not really on about their search engine which they made

Is Brave overrated?
I don't know if I am missing a point or not but I don't exactly quiet get the hype as to me, it just chrome with poor man's uBlock Origin and their own crypto in the mix. Like how it that different from me using ether Librewolf or even Google Chromium and install uBlock Origin compare to Brave?

Any ways to buy games DRM-Free beside GOG?
I know the straight answers would be GOG but I was wondering if there are anymore game stores that sells DRM-Free games. Nothing wrong with GOG, just more curious if anything... Don't get me wrong, I don't mind buying games from Steam and use the [AutoCracker](https://github.com/BigBoiCJ/SteamAutoCracker) to get rid of the DRM. I just don't want to relies on Steam too much and want to break that habit if there's any good alternative.

If you are that worried about getting banned and trying find the right server to join that would have same views as you, you might as well as think about self hosting which is expensive to run monthly but at least you feel like you’re in control I guess… 🤷‍♂️

The issue that I have with Elon Musk is that he blames other people and I had to yet see him ambit he is in the wrong. Most changes he has done to Twitter had somehow backfired and I will argue, even contradict of the very thing he is preaching about. From giving verify badge a cheap price which enable lot of trolling to banning third-party links to any social media or link aggregators. He definitely saw people leaving Twitter and even going on a different social media like Mastodon and tried to do some damage control.

Like someone needs to tell him that he is the one that is setting himself up and will have a difficult time to find investors. To me, he’s not good at managing a social media and can’t take criticism as he is so used to getting his way. He makes ragebaits tweets/meme, insult people who said paying for a verify badge is a bad idea and will leave Twitter. Elon lacks class and if you crop the screenshot that has his Name and profile picture and just show some of his Tweet, I would assume this is a 12 year old in his edgy anti-SJW phase and not some self-centred billionaire.

I only used Odysee as I tend to watch few content creator who talks about Linux, I just avoid watching much video outside the content creator I know as some videos on there are questionable to say the least.

Not as much so far as I’m still trying to find communities to join but just joined a few today and got my lemmy client on my phone so should be able to use it much more

My guess is that they don’t see much use with adding emoji picker built-in the website/app as they more focus on making discussions and vice versa. If you are using iOS/Android, you still be able to use an emoji as usual.

Mostly an easy way to talked to my friends as most of them are on Twitter and barely goes on Discord which I know isn’t the best and there are better alternative but they are who you may called “normies” where it difficult to try to convince them to use a different platform, it felt like a losing battle.

What are best alternatives to Amazon?
I knew Amazon is a shady company but only stuck around and still use them as I don't know as much online website that sell stuff I want as well as not being too mortally corrupted. The sort of stuff I tend to buy: - Videogames - CDs - Clothes (mostly men as I am a guy) - Books? Please don't suggest me something like Walmart as.. 1. I am not American, I'm British. 2. Even if I am American, I would of shopped there so it pointless to even call it an "alternatives".