• Александр
    211 months ago

    @eshep @serenity @f00fc7c8 @rom @anders I am not sure it is about PHP but it depends how you see it.

    Friendica can be rather resource-intensive, especially for public instance. Some of them feel slow because they are somewhat overloaded. On badly overloaded servers delivery times suffer.

    Also mostly static interface of Friendica which I like also means most operations reload the entire page. E.g. when you go to someone’s profile it can take the same time (say 8 seconds) on Friendica and Misskey/Pleroma/Mastodon but on the latter you don’t see the page redrawn - it stays the same and something spins loading the data. On Friendica you see full page reload. It is perceived slower.

    Also in some aspects Friendica is inherently slower by design. E.g. when posting comment on Mastodon it is fired off right away (well, almost), on Friendica it is queued for delivery and the worker runs on interval (usually every 2-5 mins). It isn’t a problem but feels more like email or old school forum while other platforms can feel more like instant messaging.