I’m going through the trouble of changing all the accounts I’ve used for AnonAddy aliases, to not give my private account to anyone. So when creating this GPG key, I should just give it an AnonAddy alias right? Something like public-CYwb8@user.anonaddy.com.

GnuPG needs to construct a user ID to identify your key.

Real name:
Email address:
88 hilabete

Men, depends if you want it tied back to your real identity, if not use a fake name like John Doe, Will Smith, ect just don’t forget it

08 hilabete


I guess if you’re publishing in a keyserver so people can find you and verify signatures, you should use something people would know how to identify.

Otherwise it isn’t that important or you could even want to go pseudonymous all the way, depending on your use case.

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