One of the most annoying things about Spotify is just how hard they push podcasts on their platform, it’s pretty annoying that a site intended for music has most of it’s main page filled with podcasts, but what makes it worse is the fact that Spotify pushing podcasts on their platform is actually quite malicious.

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As an internet community we need to reject this attempt to lock down the open ecosystem that is podcasting, or else risk loosing one of the last popular decentralized methods of accessing content. So cancel your Spotify, dust off your DRM free albums and RSS feeds and enjoy some freedom!
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Spotify’s podcast experience (and Google’s for that matter) is just dreadful

Could just be me, maybe, but my use case is “download all in-advance” + “listen in release order” + “never skip/miss any episodes” + “pick up where I left off on any device”

PocketCasts (Android, iOS, web) does this perfectly, I assume Overcast and Apple’s built-in app does this just fine, but Spotify’s is pointlessly bereft of basic functionality
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Every time I discover an interesting podcast on a big site (Spotify, GooglePodcast…) I search for the original source (personal website, Funkwhale, Spreaker, Buzzsprout, Podbean…). At now there is only one podcast I’m constrained to listen on Spotify; I even wrote to the author, but at the moment he has not planned to publish it elsewhere.
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Since I stream a lot from my Android smartphone to a small bluetooth speaker I use AntennaPod a lot to manage all the podcasts I listen to. It’s fully open and available from the F-Droid depository.
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AntennaPod is amazing

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