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A lot of people here are recommending linux first laptops like tuxedo and system76 but if they are too expensive there’s also dell and lenovo which are linux-second vendors. Every dell laptop I’ve used has worked great with linux and are reasonably repairable. The only things to watch out for are gimicky features like fingerprint readers or anything that would need custom firmware, and super slim laptops (for repairability and the potential for weirder parts on the inside) but even for weird hardware like fingerprint sensors, both dell and lenovo have been working towards supporting them on linux as well.

thats the chain of numbers and letters after the youtube link for the rickroll

Its surprisingly useful (and fun) to be able to change the embedded image and title

I think that’s a good thing because it means it’s probably targeting normal people since the country is moving towards less reliance on things like windows.

if that’s your problem with it then it’s probably better off without you

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/67935 > New gecko based browsers are rare nowadays but this one is especially unique to me because it is more than just "firefox with tweaks" like a lot of the ones I've come across. The UI is different, it's working on custom settings, a new more powerful sidebar, a new theming system, and potentially IPFS/Dat support further down the line. It's very early in development but it's still impressive as it is.

yeah I agree, foss games are cool but most of them don’t even get close to what most proprietary games have been able to do unfortunately.

There’s a system that ensures everyone gets the fruit of their labor, and that if someone is going hungry they are supported by the community instead of being left to die in the streets.

I don’t really agree but even if that’s the case it’s definitely more than just gnome with a few plugins now. I imagine cosmic will be the same down the line.

Fwiw for people saying it’s just gnome with a few extensions, the same could have been said for elementaryOS and pantheon DE when it came out, and look where they are now. They also might be doing it so that they have more control over what they’re offering with their products instead of being expected to follow gnome.

do you have night reader or any other extensions that the browser would load before the website? Also if you don’t give something like iceraven a shot, it’s on fdroid and has more extension support and other things like about:config available.

I'm sad to see this, it's a really cool project. Still I respect their decision and it's not entirely dead but instead going into "hobby mode" where it's just maintained as the author needs, no more release dates for updates or planned features.

It’s engine agnostic, at the moment you can use it with webkit or blink

I’m interested in it too but unfortunately it’s ARM exclusive so I can’t play around with it at the moment.

I honestly don’t understand how you can trust any social media or service in general that’s based in the US.

Yeah I agree, bandcamp is one of the few good places to buy music and it feels kind of shitty to abuse it. Maybe that’s just internalized consumerism speaking though.

I don’t understand what you mean saying cisgender men is the correct for but cis men doesn’t exist. cis men is just less cumbersome than saying cisgender men, and it works as an adjective about as well as saying trans man. The reason the author made the distinction is that trans men aren’t really a concern.

is using webkit good for avoiding a chromium monopoly? I’ve usually lumped them together in my head.

Pale Moon, Seamonkey are pretty cool because at this point they’re just their own thing. Pale moon especially is really cool but it struggles with lemmy and hexbear.

Using terms like “Cis” or whatever these twitter dumbasses say

Cis isn’t some twitter thing, its an actual scientific term that’s been used for a long time.

Cisgender has its origin in the Latin-derived prefix cis-, meaning “on this side of”, which is the opposite of trans-, meaning “across from” or “on the other side of”. This usage can be seen in the cis–trans distinction in chemistry, the cis and trans sides of the Golgi apparatus in cellular biology, the cis–trans or complementation test in genetics, in Ciscaucasia (from the Russian perspective), in the ancient Roman term Cisalpine Gaul (i.e., “Gaul on this side of the Alps”), Ciskei and Transkei (separated by the Kei River), and more recently, Cisjordan, as distinguished from Transjordan. In the case of gender, cis- describes the alignment of gender identity with assigned sex.[5]

Your whole rant is based off of misinformation.

Do you think it would be feasible for mobile linux distributions to have a distinction from normal distos either in the branch itself or in the location?

Nyxt is a keyboard-oriented, infinitely extensible web browser designed for power users
It's pretty cool. It can use either blink or WebKit and has it's own lower level extension system that somewhat reminds me of firefox's XUL addons.

Nyxt is a keyboard-oriented, infinitely extensible web browser designed for power users
It's pretty cool. It can use either blink or WebKit and has it's own lower level extension system that somewhat reminds me of firefox's XUL addons.

This is a really cool project. It’s insane to see how big some of the root distros are and how small even popular ones like arch are are, even if a list like this is never truely complete. It’s also cool being able to see smaller distros here and looking them up.

Is midori a chromium based browser or is it its own thing?

Yeah this is a really nice feature on reddit that I’d love to see someday down the line

I think kde is a great choice for this. It’s customizable, it has a solid library of kde apps that have been ported or created for a mobile environment, it has an existing large community and like you said it has kde connect, which could allow for a more unified desktop/mobile experience.

I'm planning on switching to wayland soon thanks to these fixes.

and to add to this, if you’re the first person on your instance to subscribe it will take a bit to synchronise all the posts, comments, and upvotes to your instance so don’t be concerned when it looks empty to you.

I personally expect to go to the github for the project but maybe have a second button for lemmy.ml.

yeah it’s nowhere near ready for normal usage but for what it is it’s really amazing.

yeah if I’m getting to listen to it for free I don’t mind ads too much.

Yeah that makes sense. For me it was a bit of a mixed bag. I loved seeing everything change in front of me but it was also frustrating trying to keep up when following a thread or something like that.

yeah I put up with it being near unusable for months till I figured that one out. Felt a bit dumb after that.

any plans to make this a togglable setting or is it just out?

Decentralized and federating document editing and annotation
This seems super cool, and the in browser editor is certainly neat, but I am having a bit of a hard time understanding how the ActivityPub part of this works. It seems like you can somehow use your own ActivityPub compatible server and this is acting as a client only?

What Is Blockchain Technology? – A Beginner’s Guide
Blockchain isn't just about cryptocurrency - it's applications include a variety of industries including fintech, healthcare, tourism, agriculture, and education. Let’s explore what is blockchain technology and how does it work.

Hystoria – a lemmy instance where all posts must be 5+ years old
> Hystoria is a simple, reddit-like site (built with a simplified version of Lemmy [0]) where only items older than 5 years can be posted https://100millionbooks.org/blog/news/introducing-hystoria/

a collection of leftist communities, for memes, learning, news, discussion, media, or anything you like. -their sidebar I found this just browsing around.