[0.5.4] - 2022-04-04


  • RDF hashmarks store
  • Qt SparQL models API: add async support
  • Add MIME type recognition for turtle (ttl), YAML
  • Add UI to browse pronto graphs from a browser tab


  • Improve the Curve25519 pubsub API
  • SmartQL P2P service
    • Implement a peer-dependent authentication middleware for the http service
  • Pronto
    • galacteek.ld.pronto: pubsub service is now encrypted with curve25519
    • Use time-rotating peer-dependent credentials for the smartql p2p service
  • Mediaplayer:
    • Deprecate old MFS+JSON playlists storage
    • Store playlists as RDF (schema is: ips://galacteek.ld/MultimediaPlaylist)
    • Playlists by default are stored in a private RDF store
    • Playlists can be published to a public RDF store
    • Public playlists are synchronized between peers via a SparQL script
  • Content providers peering: separate Pinata nodes config by region
  • Update Pillow to v9.0.1
  • IPS contexts loader: add TTLCache for small schemas


  • AppImage: fix xkb issue when running in Wayland (set XKB_CONFIG_ROOT)
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