It’s time to ditch Chrome
As well as collecting your data, Chrome also gives Google a huge amount of control over how the web works
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Chrome is evil. Chromium is not. And do we have alternative browser? Firefox? It just does not have some features (like PWA support). Webkit is the same.

GNOME Web supports webapps.

And does have other features (like extensions ecosystem or so).

They had time ago but disabled it due to issues integrating the API or something related by security. I dont remember.

That is listed in GNOME Web GNOME’s GitLab repository.

At least they know that about the problem.

Good to hear that there is some good browsers.

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And more recently, Chrome’s FLoC effectively gives Google control over the ad tracking tech that will replace third-party cookies – although this is being developed in the open and with feedback from other developers.

“FLoC is absolutely atrocious.” – “Hahaha, we know that.”

Its good some mainstream sites writing about this

They have an article about heaviness of the modern websites. It is from 2016 and nothing has changed.

But I still hope that chrome market share will fall down. ;)
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Funny to see this on a website that uses GTM.
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I see where you coming from but I don’t think this is hypocritical. This article is claiming that Google’s control of the primary client is allowing Google to control the web. Using GTM gives Google no control over the web, maybe more visibility, but no control.

If the argument was “Don’t use Chrome, it lets Google track you” then I think GTM would be hypocritical, but tracking was one of the outcomes described, not the root cause they are arguing against.

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It’s a good article. Although not any new information, I hope that “normies” read it and start using something else. Hopefully something non-chromium based

It’s too bad Chromium took off like it did. Most people probably don’t even know that their Electron apps are just Chromium under the hood.

Hopefully this is the start of a larger pushback!
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