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Alovoa looking for contributors! Can you help us implement decentralization for open source dating app?


Help us, join the project:

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I am so lonely and normal dating services have terrible TOS, so I’m really holding out for Alovoa lol

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I would like to point you in the direction of the SocialHub community for technologist that drive the fediverse standards and evolve the ecosystem. Would be great if you interact here, and you can also get a dedicated section for your project if you implement activitypub. I am moderator on the forum.

For general brainstorming about what’s possible with Federated Dating you can use the Fediverse Futures category, and to go wild and non-technical there’s the companion Fediverse Futures on Lemmy.

Since Dating is a new application domain, it is of particular interest to the community. Another new domain is Hospitality Exchange. What all these domains have in common is that AP extensions may be needed, and there’s a common design process that we’d like to explore to tap deeper in the potential of the AS/AP specs (we only touched the surface with current, mostly Microblogging apps).

On the forum you’ll also find the Guide for new ActivityPub implementers with many references to more info.

Besides that I also co-maintain 2 watchlists that are useful to you as input:

(PS. I’ve also added the above as comment to your AP issue in the tracker)

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that sounds interesting 😏
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I’m interested to see how this will deal with fake profiles like bots and scammers.

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