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To add

Everyone should use ad blockers across all their devices (uBlock Origin)

Everyone should try to use DNS sinkhole applications/servers like Pi-Hole or Adguard Home or unbound

+1 anonaddy. I love making new emails for cool sites I find. Not sure I’d use it for job seeking though, better to use a specific alias.

exfat for simple USB Storage, works on any OS (linux just needs exfat-utils and fuse)

Ext4 for linux drives

The title should have been “consider switching”. That said ripgrep (one example of a unix tool taken next-level) is literally a game changer.

Upon entry, please report for freenode passport inspection.

From the user experiences I’ve heard, they seem pretty lenient. I’m sure like any other ISP they check and will call you out of if they get a Cease and Desist letter for P2P content.

I guess you could ask them before signing up if your desired uses are acceptable to them.

deleted by creator

I am so lonely and normal dating services have terrible TOS, so I’m really holding out for Alovoa lol

If you need more alias addresses, you could pair with anonaddy.com and forward to one of your posteo aliases.

Gmail and google are evil, completely anti-privacy services.

Putting crypto ontop of a service like that, is like putting a band-aid over a fart… doesn’t fix the core issue.

Yup they seem to have excellent peering and backbones for their services, very impressive stuff.

With 5Gbit, not sure if their ToS has an anti-server clause.

+1 to these guys. They are worth every dollar, and the only consumer provider in Canada offering (that offered?) 5Gbit symmetrical to normal users