HTTPS Is Actually Everywhere
For more than 10 years, EFF’s HTTPS Everywhere browser extension has provided a much-needed service to users: encrypting their browser communications with websites and making sure they benefit from the protection of HTTPS wherever possible. Since we started offering HTTPS Everywhere, the battle to...

Finally, the https everywhere add on is going to be deprecated in favor of the native HTTPS Only mode feature implemented in modern browsers.

Sandro Linux
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I’ll be a bit sad to see one of my favourite extensions go but it has served its time and purpose and honestly the EFF could be developing all sorts of cooler browser extensions to further the privacy cause. I am guessing when it comes to Tor the EFF will support with https everywhere until ESR gets https only mode but until then I guess it will still be there.
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It was very poggers to see it in firefox. I love the EFF.
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I understood FF’s aosp/android version, and derivatives, didn’t have https-only mode working properly, and the recommendation on aosp/android. Has that changed?

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this makes sense, but I wonder what will happen now to the Tor browser after this
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Well, since the Tor bowser is based on Firefox which has an HTTPS-Only mode, I think that eventually the Tor browser will get rid of it.

tor uses a really old version of firefox, will take a while for native https-only to be implemented

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