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We can go even deeper on the sources OP gave (what a shock the “don’t be mean” beehaw users act like mouthpieces for imperialism).

The ICIJ, despite its grand sounding name, is a CIA op. They were the ones who published the Pandora papers which were much smaller in size than the Panama papers (for which actual journalists died) and did not name any USians. None.

They’re an op to catch whistle-blowers essentially.

The BBC has long abandoned any non-partisan standing and some of their subsidiaries got their journalism licenses revoked by the UK gov because they are not journalists. I think there is a specific act that completely changed the BBC from being a public news broadcaster to simply a public broadcaster. I’d have to look for it.

The Guardian despite their “lefty” (self) claim is consistently against anything progressive. When corbyn was being smeared by the media for “anti semitism” (a claim which has now backfired on Labour and their Jewish constituents), they happily ran with the claims and amplified them. I have literally never seen any guardian article that wasn’t actually neoliberal propaganda. They’re at best a Blairite rag.

I’m surprised they didn’t cite Wikipedia lol

That’s the website that uses AI generated pictures for their “prisoners list”. Linked to the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation which not only decided to count all COVID deaths as victims of communism in 2020, but was literally started by people active in Nazi organisations.

Like this guy’s picture at the bottom:

There used to be pictures of people in the same exact clothes, pulling the same exact pose, in the exact same background just with a different face but they seem to have removed those pictures after people caught on. edit: https://old.reddit.com/r/ShitLiberalsSay/comments/uy02ya/why_yes_i_totally_believe_the_xinjiang_police/

A bit late but yeah.

lmao libs truly have only two things going on in their head, and they’re starting to confuse them.

He’s a debate streamer that has a very “debate bro” attitude and tends to forego any arguments in favour of memes to make himself look edgy. For example when someone pointed out that the US killed 20% of North Korea’s population during the war, he said “we dabbed on them”.

Oh, that person was later harassed for days by his followers because she’s a “tankie” and they didn’t like that she appeared on stream.

He claim_ed_ to be an anarchist and socialist, then I think retracted that to being a liberal. In any case he is not a socialist by any stretch of the word.

On the other hand this has led him to say the stupidest things so that he could build an audience. For example, he used the n-word (full word) in a debate to “disarm” his opponents.

He’s been in a lot of controversy; his CP twitter account was found; back when he started streaming, it came out he had been sexually harassing a girl on Discord; he’s bros with Charlie Kirk and other far-right anti-communists (but hates anything that sounds too socialist). But really he himself would be fine in the sense that if he was just some weird dude on the corner of youtube, people would just laugh at his videos with 13 views.

The problem is he has a large audience who tend to watch him and only him (and sometimes worship him like an idol), and defend the very real and provable scandals he has committed. They also think of themselves as super informed socialists, when honestly they know nothing about anything. You can disprove their arguments against socialism in one google search, and then they will call you slurs – they learned from the best.

If I didn’t know better, I’d say Vaush was an FBI agent. I don’t think he is an FBI agent, simply because I refuse to believe they have let standards fall so bad they would hire him of all people, but their goals both coincide at stopping people from going too far left and redirecting them to the useless Democrats.

You don’t even know the actual name of the CPC and yet you have a strong opinion on it. Banger. Spoken like a true lib.

Also love that you call us not even fit to be an echo chamber yet we are as big and active as lemmy.ml, your instance. Your anticommunism is showing.

lmao yeah communists correcting the history of their movement is the exact same as a “free speech” instance that has to be trans-exclusionary to function right in their sidebar. Fuck off.

Building an instance solely on being pissed at another instance for existing. They need to have us in their blocklist because they could not handle the backlash if they federated. That’s all there is to it.

Lemmygrad is far left, communist instance, expressing pro US, against Russia and pro Ukraine position will swiftly get you banned

Post proof. Here’s our modlog: https://lemmygrad.ml/modlog

Lemmygrad gets “hate” because we’re one of the most active instances and liberals cannot stand that communists are not only allowed to talk about communism, but that they actually get attention and activity. Deal with it.

Trojan horse is very loaded language.

Wow police with batons restore order on a crowded subway train without exits because rioters thought they could murder another old man with no consequences. So scary.

You’re just gonna find anything you can to highlight China is a hellhole that needs to be liberated by our democracy bombs, no?

Also my argument was that he did not expect the cop would shoot which is a testament to their self-control in regards to discharging their weapons. Once again you are completely off topic. You are doing the CIA’s job for them.

It’s bold of you to assume that a video filmed in HK of a cop shooting someone was censored in China and nobody heard about it. That was in fact the one person the police shot in the protests. As they say in the video, he tried to steal the officer’s weapon (not shown in the clip on CBS, it happened earlier). The officer had to answer why he discharged his weapon before a committee as like most civilised countries, police have to log every time they fire a bullet and then defend its use. I seem to remember he was reprimanded for this, but I don’t remember the specifics.

Do you know why the guy in black kept walking towards the cop? Because he thought he wasn’t gonna shoot. He was accustomed to the cops being very passive when aggressed. Do you see people in the US walking up like this to armed cops? No, because if they did, they would get shot to death.

Edit: also the guy in the video survived, so police in China still hasn’t killed anyone.

The other stuff has been debunked thoroughly in other places and is not part of the matter at hand so I’m not gonna reply to it myself. It’s just finding atrocity propaganda to justify intervention against China.

forced labour

Forced labour has existed and exists in virtually all prison systems to this day. It existed in Makhnovia, it existed in Revolutionary Catalonia too. It’s a historical phenomenon and while it does offend our modern sensibilities for various (correct) reasons, it’s a more complicated topic than it appears.

But I wouldn’t call them forced labour camps. What is the difference between a camp and a prison? I highly recommend this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2BO83Ig-E8E.

Maybe it started after their help in WW2?

During WW2, a ceasefire of sorts was declared from the US and their European, imperialist allies towards the Soviet Union.

It’s well known that the European powers hated the USSR ever since the October Revolution, and so they expected to let Hitler fight against them. This would weaken both countries and Europe expected they could just swoop in and finally destroy both.

This is not what happened obviously, as Hitler went west first, and the USSR fought Germany on their own.

During the war, you would see propaganda posters like these :

And yet right after the war, communications “broke down” between the two countries? No, the United States never hid who they were. This truce with the Soviet Union was merely temporary and enacted for various reasons. What we call the Cold War was effectively just the revival of anti-communist tensions that started in 1917.

The USA then started lending public money to European countries for rebuilding, known as the Marshall Program. The catch was that this money could only be used to buy American. And the USSR was not allowed to receive this help or any help.

This is how the United States finally brought itself to the status of superpower and was able to dictate history, policy, and diplomacy. That’s why some people today are feeling grateful to the USA (despite not living there or having ever lived there) and they don’t really even know why.

I think it’s fair to argue that the US is at least no worse than China or Russia.

Even if everything we heard about Russia and China was absolutely true, if the death tolls were true, if the atrocity propaganda was true, if the human rights violation were all true, and even if we only counted the crimes of the US from the time the PRC has existed (and not for the whole 276 years of the USA), the US would still rack up a higher death and crime toll than both China and Russia combined.

While you can’t read stuff like this on Russia or China

On china police can shoot someone and not see it on news

How do you know any of that for sure?

Police in China never kill anyone, they don’t even carry guns most of the time…

And I assure you Chinese citizens are more politically aware than the average European or American.

In the West we (claim to) use the media as a fourth extension of the state, to keep in checks and balances. But it doesn’t work out. It doesn’t matter what journalists say, nothing changes. George Floyd was killed by police in the US (no need to make up deaths in China to find an example) and even after 2 months of rightful rioting, the same people are in power and the same people on the ground are telling you to vote for the same 2 candidates. Doesn’t matter what journalists publish or say, when the establishment has worked out a way to keep them in check and even in their pocket.

Whereas in China, since we’re on that example, there are avenues to bring out issues officially. China is the biggest consumer of audits and polls in the world by far, they poll everyone about issues all the time.

That’s why their media doesn’t always talk about the same things. But you can go on English-language Chinese media yourself, like CGTN, CCTV, People’s Daily, China Daily and see for yourself what they talk about. You can also go on Weibo and see what they talk about too, I guarantee you it’s not the 1984 hellscape you think it is.

That’s why we study those systems. We (marxists) didn’t come to realise the nazis were not socialists out of nowhere, we saw what they said about their ideology, how they conducted it, what their class character was for society (the most important criteria), etc.

That’s why we uphold the USSR, the PRC, the DPRK… but not Nazi Germany or Pol Pot’s Cambodia. Because after studying them in and out (through our own framework, as anyone does) we see how they operated and still operate.

People tended to loose interest with the communist manifesto after the gulags started

Only in the imperialist core (the west). During the 20th century, even after Stalin’s death, we saw Cuba, Burkina Faso, Chile, probably others I’m not remembering right now…

This is also the time of the Cold War, where our information in this core was filtered through the “leader of the free world”, the United States. And to this day when you find people that lived through it on this side, they will tell you (I’m not joking) that the United States is a champion of human rights and liberty. Even in Europe.

The gulag system (an acronym for the ministry of justice and corrections) was started under the Tsar so if we want to use them on a chart you won’t have a single data point but many. That’s why I picked Stalin’s death instead.

If you agree Western journalists are being persecuted for what they find out however, you should also probably agree that our media lies to us – including about China or the USSR.

I need a solution to MIRROR my PC to my TV like having 2 monitors that are duplicated (Windows and Android TV)
I used to have a "dumb" TV and a 10m long HDMI cable running from my PC to the TV which allowed me to pick it as a source. Then on Windows 10 I'd just duplicate my screen and tada, I could watch anything on my TV -- and control my PC with a wireless mouse and keyboard I'd keep close to the TV. Except now I switched to a smart TV, and my hdmi cable is not recognized. I tried everything, and I think it's because it's an old 1.x cable and the TV, understandably, needs a 2.0 or more recent. Doesn't help that sellers don't seem to indicate which version their cables are. Of those that I could find, a cable of such length starts at 100$ (2.1 version) and there's no way I'm dropping that much, it's a third of the price of the TV itself lol. And then I got to thinking, this is 2021 and both my PC and TV are connected to high-speed wifi... do I really need a cable? But alas, my TV only supports chromecast (as if I want to transit through google) and it doesn't really solve my problem. Chromecast just streams something to your TV. If I send it a youtube video, it will open the youtube app which has ads (as ublock on firefox blocks all youtube ads). I'm also trying screenmirroring.app and it works, but again I can't control the PC from the TV monitor -- not like the screen projection works on Windows (think of it as having two monitors like pro-gamers, except the second monitor is a TV somewhere else in the room). The big drawback however is it doesn't support sound, and I would like to play sound from my TV. Again, something that is pretty much window's native feature to set up a second screen is what I would really want. without dropping 200$ on a cable lol With that said I have to admit I'm completely behind on casting technologies and have no idea what's available today. It doesn't *have* to be a second monitor, right? It just has to work like one. Thank you very much to anyone who can help me out 🙏

What's a good FOSS PDF reader/editor you recommend?
Looking online, google seems to think open source = free (as in price), so thanks for that google. I currently use Sumatra PDF and I like the minimalist design (wish they had a night mode though), but it can't fill forms. For that I still have Firefox, but tbh for some reason Firefox doesn't register in my head as a pdf reader or editor. I also sometimes need to create PDFs from jpegs, and I'd love it if one program could do all that, instead of having to switch to different ones. I'm on Windows btw, can't use linux packages for this. Thanks!