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It’s ok, since they’re Ukrainian they’re allowed to be nazis and say whatever they want

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a) I would have no idea who that person is if I hadn’t seen this post today

b) I really don’t see what the problem is with them being the mod of a couple of NSFW subs? Especially since they said they’re all just jokes and basically empty?

because I am an autistic (in 4chan sense) computer science graduate

Whew, the cringe is immense from both sides in that post

I got Final Fantasy XIV Online and it was a huge mistake. I can’t stop playing it. At least it runs absolutely perfectly on Linux

Well, where is the list?

I imagine it means that all the libraries one would need to develop kernel modules have not been ported to Rust yet. Meaning you could theoretically write a module in Rust, but not really, since you can’t interact with any of the other code

I can touch my tonsils and the septum in my nose with my tongue. I guess I was just born a mutant

The state can only cese to exist when class struggle is no more. And that’s sadly very far off :/

Took me a while to get that this is loss

I had a cool idea for a Fediverse dating app recently, but I’m not sure if that’s something people would actually want

What a shitty article lol. They sound like some raving lunatic

Sounds good! I want to start learning Rust too, bit I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Good luck to you!