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What a shitty article lol. They sound like some raving lunatic

Sounds good! I want to start learning Rust too, bit I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Good luck to you!

I see, I see. Are you still interested in programming in general? Or are you done with all of that?

What exactly are you unsure about? I’m currently looking for something new too

Pretty good, thanks! Today is home office day, meaning that I don’t do any work and play videogames all day (but still get payed for it!)

I’ve started looking for new jobs though, since this one doesn’t really pay enough

Whew… At least he called Hitler a stinker, I guess. Would have gone with fart face myself though

Why would more sane defaults make it impossible for normal people to like Linux?

I’ve always taken a particular liking to the number 5. I think it’s because it feels even, despite not being even, by virtue of being right in the middle between 1 and 10

I’ve had success installing Origin via wine by using winetricks in the game’s prefix directory and enabling that setting that shows the virtual desktop (not entire sure what it was called - probably just virtual desktop).

The problem for me was that for some reason my desktop environment (i3) just wouldn’t show the Origin installer window, so I couldn’t click Continue on it. Enabling the Desktop fixed that though and everything was smooth from then on :)

Hope this helps and good luck!

Sorry for going a bit off topic, but the YouTuber you’re talking about is SirActionSlacks, right? I just woke up from a dream concerning them at 4 in the night lol

I mostly agree, but I also have to say that people on there are very elitist - especially towards newcomers asking for help with problems that might seems trivial to people who know a bit more about it.

I honestly always thought the whole “Linux users think they’re better than everyone else” thing was just overplayed, but ever since I started using Linux (arch btw) and visiting those communities, I sadly have to whole-heartedly agree with it…

Implying South East Asians aren’t people?

The guy might be a radical libertarian, rich ghoul who got his wealth on the back of apartheid, tried to ruin a genuine heroe’s life by calling them a paedophile and may or may not be responsible for a couple of coups in countries ravaged by imperialism, but if he does the open source with the Twitter he’s literally the best person of all time!!!1 /s

I just told my girlfriend, who knows nothing about the whole GNU/Linux debate about it and she said everyone could just call it GNUnix. I kind of like it

Alright, I will start looking into it then!

I’ll post again when there’s an update

Would a bot to take care of transactions and keep tally of everyones’ Lemmybucks be something that you would want, or do you prefer to have it handled manually?

Just asking because I wanted to make a Lemmy bot anyways and this seems like a good place to get started :)

I seriously miss those times. Are there even still any DNMs left?

Brain implant that lets me play videogames while I’m at work

Have you tried proton pump inhibitors? One tiny capsule of omeprazole makes my acid reflux go away for hours within seconds after swallowing it

Audacity has some privacy and licensing concerns, so people forked it and made Tenacity

Just in case that is of concern to anyone