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I started looking into Lemmy after I installed LibreWolf and it was listed as one of their socials. I already use Mastodon and Reddit is one of the few proprietary social media sites I’m still on. Lemmy seemed like a no-brainer.

I’m probably going to still use DuckDuckGo for now but this is such a stupid unnecessary move. Seeing some russian “disinformation” wasn’t going to suddenly turn me into a Putin stan.

Is there anywhere I can find out more info on the Mastodon - Pleroma schism? This is the first I’m hearing of it.

Yes but Lemmy.ml is explicitly leftist. I accepted that some level of gate-keeping was to be expected. I just don’t see the removal of “libs” to be a necessary part of that.

Simply because this Instance is for leftists doesn’t mean “leftist” needs to be defined narrowly.

That’s my two-cents anyways.

I second this. As long they’re not right wing, I don’t think we should be overly concerned with ideological purity.

Probably the same time I started turning leftist, in middle school I was sort of a tech-bro bleeding-heart libertarian but sometime in high school I started looking at socialist texts. My trust in silicon valley was pretty dependent on my trust in capitalism as a whole.

Reading this made me spend over 15 mins looking up probotic supplements

My knee-jerk reaction is either tech bro douche or privacy minded anti-goverment type.

Edit: I have the feeling people fail to understand this comment ;)

Maybe attempt to expand upon it then. So that more people might come to understand it.

When I see MLM I can only think of those Multi-Level Marketing scams. :p