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Isn’t it counterproductive to split a niche forum into smaller parts for growth and success of it?

Weather forecasts aren’t even as accurate as many claim to be. Especially any forecast that’s past 48 hours is bs. You may have a macro trend but not for a specific location. And an app that tells you it’ll definitely rain in an hour is just nonsense.

Who doesn’t know the or dʒraphics Interchange Format

Yes! True!

But the story is much bigger than that I guess.

If I write highly controversial stuff that shouldn’t be said/posted, it get’s deleted, but everyone can still see the content because of the previous version. I think in extreme cases this is a problem.

It’s just that on reddit I always thought it’s annoying when someone deletes a post or his account because I could just go to a mirror site and look up the comment.

Can you elaborate? That doesn’t make sense in my head.

generally I wouldn’t recommend Debian-based distros to a programmer.

Or plain Arch to someone uninterested in technology.

Nevermind, I read that you would recommend it.

It would be great if it would have previous versions, i.e. you can’t unpost anything. But that would probably lead ti a lot of problems.

No. Words are just easier to remember. It’s about probability. If you only use lower characters, it’s 1 in 26, with upper case 1 in 48, with nunbers 1 in 58. With weird chars, I don’t know. If you now take one english 6 char word, and compare it to a random string with 6 chars. Which one is more secure? But, if you compare 6 characters with 6 words, then it’s not that easy. But random chars will always be more secure if both passwords have the same size. But it might be easier for you to remember 12 words than 12 signs. The orobabikity is so low, who cares if it’s 1 or 2 quadrillion years?