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It means that the Hexbear fork is going to eventually be replaced with a slightly modified version of an up-to-date Lemmy. And that process will involve Hexbear community members contributing to Lemmy to try and get some of the Hexbear-specific features implemented upstream

Yeah both codebases were moving very quickly and by the time the pull requests were compiled and reviewed, both the Lemmy and Hexbear codebases were several commits ahead. It was taking up all the time of an entire core maintainer at Hexbear to manage conflicts and fix pull requests. Meanwhile the site was at the peak of its new launch spike and nearing the peak of the US presidential primary/election cycle, which was r/CTH’s bread and butter. The database was less optimized back then and Diesel did not (and iirc still does not) support cross joins, which was a major detriment to the optimizations Hexbear ended up using

I understood why it was done, but I think if the defork succeeds the end result will be a net positive

In terms of looks, their entire frontend was rewritten from the ground up in React. So some of that may be reusable but I’m sure the design itself will be reused either way

Hexbear (the r/chapotraphouse Lemmy fork) is considering unforking
Nothing official yet, but Hexbear may be bringing some of their previous devs back to contribute upstream. Along with that would come a userbase roughly comparable to lemmy.ml’s daily activity. Their daily megathread regularly surpasses 1000 comments