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System partitions encryption
Are the Linux system partitions encrypted by default ?, I've tried to encrypt them using Veracrypt, but it says that it only works on Windows ?.

I agree with that, as a newbie I have tested many popular Debian/Ubuntu based noob friendly distros (PopOS, ZorinOS, Linux Mint, …), I decided to use Xubuntu, and it wasn’t really different from Linux Mint with XFCE or any other XFCE distro at all, maybe some small details, but in general they were pretty much the same, same thing after I installed KDE Plasma 5 on my Xubuntu it was almost the same as Kubuntu or KDE neon, but yeah a distro might be an importance choice I mean you are not gonna give a noob like me arch, or an arch based distro just because I can install KDE or XFCE on it.

what about the metadata leaking ?

The lightest Ubuntu based distro ?
Does anyone know any lightweight Ubuntu based disto that uses' less than 500Mb ram ?

do i have to unlock bootloader in order to install it ? man, i have such a crappy huawei device that i regret buying 'cause huawei makes it almost impossible to unlock the bootloader.

Thanks, probably will go with mint then

Thanks for recommendation, I was just asking what is the easiest distro to use as a beginner

ZorinOS or Linux mint
I'm totally new to Linux and I want to start with one of the two above, which one would be better for an absolute beginner?

I think using any additional stuff with Tor make’s it lose the point of it’s existence