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Ublock Origin seem to actually block a lot of stuff. I tried to open this on Tor which is more vanilla setup, then I can actually get into this monstrosity

OpenCamera is so far the best that works. I often use the white balance settings, exposure settings, focus, and zoom. I tried another FOSS camera (I forget the name, not on F-Droid either) that supposedly have real-time filter, but it doesn’t launch on my phone.

So eventually I always use Darktable on desktop if I want to enhance my photos from my phone. Although depending on the scene lights as well, white balance settings in OpenCamera can be good enough to produce nice looking photo.

I don’t know why all the bad stuff happening in recent years be the reason of the trend.

But I know that during the Battlefield 2043 release (2021), one of the trailer popularize the phrase “what a time to be alive”, to hype up the game, then I saw a lot of people saying it on twitter or making memes with that phrase.

I think the trailer is trying to say about what a time to be alive during this supposedly a great Battlefield instalment. The memes however, sometimes they also say it to mock silly stuff happening during the BF2043 lifetime, the game isn’t doing very well.

The “What a time to be alive” BF 2043 trailer:

This family has more guns than some FPS games I play.

I was bullied, but never physical. If I ever attack them back in physical way/punch, they would get physical too. Most are just insults in front of other people and making other people hate me.

All I know is that there’s one Reddit admin cheating on r/Place, by rapidly putting pixels on top of other’s drawing with no cooldown, unlike every other r/Place participants. If it’s about them censoring something, I don’t really know. This one Reddit admins is previously also known for banning shitpost sub r/2balkan4you. But I don’t really follow r/2balkan4you either.

If there’s something else going on in r/Place, I don’t really know.

Britney Spears speaks French.

I experienced the similar thing. It took me a while to get into a distro that just works for me, which is Fedora haha.

I’m just ugly fuck off

Exactly, mask has been boosting my confidence to go out. My face is just less visible.

I think yiff means something that I don’t want to know.

Wow I forget when was the last time I saw an aerodynamic lobster meme. But even back then I don’t see them often enough to understand what about them, then I never see the meme again.

I’ve been rarely logging in to my YT with Google account, I always watch videos from Invidious. So I guess due to my inactivity, every time I post a comment on a video, I’ll have a 90% chance that YouTube will delete the comment. So I’d just shut myself up haven’t been commenting ever since, and watching from newpipe and Invidious is more than enough since I don’t need account features.

My name is camel freelancer.

My quest is to seek the holy bathwater.

My favourite colour is depression.

I don’t really like it. But used to use it to create bot, it was fun for a while until I have no idea what to do with my bot. I used to be quite dependent with it due to my association with some people. But I managed to quit.

Because it’s somehow popular, there’s some good communities I can interact with.

But generally I don’t understand why some people are very eager to advertise their discord server, even some are just about niche topics. What is it with administering a discord server seem to be interesting for them?

Tails and Whonix is definitely overkill. And given your description of nonexisten linux experience, it’s not recommended. But it’s not the usual daily-driver distro anyway.

Fedora is nice. Fedora has a leaning on FOSS projects, which if you need to install a proprietary software, you’d have to enable additional repository. It’s not always inherently privacy-respecting, but it has great defaults, then everything else is depends on what users install and configure.

But do expect a changing workflow from Windows, because Linux is simply different. So whatever distro you pick, it definitely require time for you to get used to it.

If you ever have used Photoshop then moved to GIMP, it require you to change how you work with it. For example, in PS you can edit individual RGBA channel independently, while in GIMP you’d have to decompose each channel into layers, edit, then recompose them into single channel. Things are different. You wouldn’t get used in a day.

I’d suggest dualbooting Linux & Windows for several months, so you can explore Linux while you can still use Windows as needed. And by exploring Linux, you can also read/watch online resources to see how people use it or see people’s review.

If you go with Fedora, bear in mind that the installer is different from other popular distros. Confirm/next/back button is at the top, mind you. See the documentation while installing. Just giving you a notice because some people complaining that the installer is hard. But once it’s installed, it typical GNOME experience and best for touch gestures as you need (if you go with the main Fedora Workstation download).

Living in a country that isn’t from Europe or US, and having better internet access just recently from 2015, the feeling of “I’m always late/out of the party” felt very often but not so weird either, like I’m very used to feel about this.

So when there is something trending, I don’t quite realize that I can be part of it. I just let it pass and when someone refers to it some time in the future, I tell it “oh yea that was a thing ‘they’ do”.

Basically, the ‘they’ character often I encounter because I never feel like I’m part of them or anything. But it’s not that I feel it sad or anything, I’m used to this feeling. And not that I’m a typical person who wants to always follow the latest trend.

Well someone already right-clicked an NFT profile pict, somehow make it as NFT, and use it as their own NFT profile picture with hexagon shape as if it’s genuinely bought from the same source.

I thought they’re doing review in the way they’re receiving cryptocurrency donation, and pause cryptocurrency donation, not exactly cancelling.

Even the article itself quoted it:

“Starting today we are reviewing if and how our current policy on crypto donations fits with our climate goals, and as we conduct our review, we will pause the ability to donate cryptocurrency.”