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i would suggest looking mostly at who an instance federates with, how they handle data, and where they’re located (to know how much latency you’ll have, and also to see if the privacy laws there are sufficient). content doesn’t really matter unless you look at the local feed, because of federation

a song of ice and fire, the series that game of thrones is based on, is great, but it doesn’t (and probably never will) have an ending

Minecraft got me interested, a coding club at school gave me the resources to learn

the illuminati of modern pop culture really has nothing to do with the actual group. any hatred people bare towards them is because of urban legends and modern conspiracy theories.

might have been run through google translate

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i think that’s kim kardashian on the left

use this for all my video editing needs, it’s pretty awesome!

like over time? what do you mean?

i think relationships are just as valuable now as they ever were, maybe even more because we’re moving from marriage as a child-rearing system to marriage and romantic relationships being about companionship.

looks like there’s actually at least 26 of us!

i just woke up so idk how today will be, but yesterday was pretty good! i did a group presentation for a college class, and we nailed it. i think this was the first time a group project in school has gone well. then i hung out with some friends in the evening, for the first time in like 3-4 weeks, which was fun.

edit: also congrats on having a post blow up on your first day in lemmy lol

i feel like the people that do this know that and couldn’t give two shits

only European branches of Indo European. It’s a mix of Germanic, Slavic, and Romance. if that’s not eurocentric, in an objective way, i don’t know what is

fair enough. can’t wait to see it in action!

i haven’t heard of any such thing. you should build it! i would love to contribute if you make it in rust or python

the beauty with matrix being open-source and decentralized is that anyone can just implement indexability themselves, as someone in the thread has already given an example of

though i don’t think support servers are a good idea in the first place

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