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Self-Sustaining, Intelligent, Electronic Microsystems Created – Operate Much Like Self-Autonomous Living Organisms
A research team from the University of Massachusetts Amherst has created an electronic microsystem that can intelligently respond to information inputs without any external energy input, much like a self-autonomous living organism. The microsystem is constructed from a novel type of electronics that can process ultralow electronic signals and incorporates a novel device that can generate electricity “out of thin air” from the ambient environment. Reference: “Self-sustained green neuromorphic interfaces” by Tianda Fu, Xiaomeng Liu, Shuai Fu, Trevor Woodard, Hongyan Gao, Derek R. Lovley and Jun Yao, 7 June 2021, Nature Communications. DOI: 10.1038/s41467-021-23744-2

Official nutrition recommendations have really lost the forrest in the trees.

Historically, almost every human population survived primarily on plant-based carbohydrate-dominant diets, so it should be super clear that carbohydrates are not ‘bad for us’.

The problem is the processing. Over the last few hundred years, we have started isolating and refining individual nutrients from whole foods, producing fundamentally new and unnatural nutrient combinations our bodies are completely unprepared for. And everywhere these new and improved foods become widely adopted, a predictable constellation of diseases turn up… Go figure.

Personally, I was raised on a standard American diet (99% hot pockets & McDs), was overweight like most of my family, and being fit seemed impossible. In collage I started cooking my own food, to my own taste (plenty of salt, fat, etc.), have been an effortless size 4 since, and I really feel like the answer is no where near as difficult as we like to pretend.

To my mind, the major impediments to widespread dietary health are all societal, as almost no one has the time or money, much less the know-how, to cook real food.

Moreover, processed food makes a lot of money for the processors, so does treating the diseases processed food causes. As such, the powers of capitalism strongly favor continued public confusion, and discourage any meaningful improvement.

Absolutely, and to me, it really hammers home how biologically impactful food processing can be!

Very cool work!

It reminds me of a really interesting book by a primatologist, postulating that the adoption of cooking likely played a major role in human brain development.

Basically, the author argues that the energy provided by cooking drastically reduced the physiological energy required to extract nutrients (like starch) from our food, leaving a relative excess available to power our energetically-expensive cognition.

I think a lot of the pushback stems from the phrasing of the original PR description (which is still available below the clarifying update).

Telemetry can be a valuable tool, but adding Google & Yandex to a popular open source project immediately after acquisition seems… undiplomatic, and I can certainly see why the original announcement caused concerns.

That said, the update provides some important, and hopefully calming, clarifications, including the opt-in implementation.

Great! Now developers can stop bothering with Windows apps, and fully focus on Linux!

I will keep my fingers crossed, but ‘enlightened’ has not been my experience of the US.

It seems to me that the US will continue to prioritize protecting the profit streams stemming from internet tracking over personal privacy until the profits diminish, or the laws (and the system of government providing them) change substantially.

In any event, I was really more speaking to the widespread police surveillance in the US, alongside the national and individual consequences of ubiquitous corporate surveillance.

I hear you, it’s really been a discouraging few years. Unfortunately, I think we have to keep on top of the dystopian stuff, or we’ll end up with even less good news.

That said, here is an adorable interlude from the doomscrolling.

This “New IP” proposal is genuinely terrifying, but frankly, at least from my perspective (as an American), it seems the EU has been leading the way in ethical internet governance.

While the US is certainly less restrictive about information than China (at the moment), in many ways the US is just less honest about the surveillance state it enacts, and I’m not sure it has been leading anywhere the world wants to go.

I haven’t seen anyone mention ScriptSafe, which I really like for granular control of javascript!

It also has some fingerprinting protections, among other features.

Given the very fine people running Facebook, something tells me it’s more of a feature than a ‘loophole’.

I feel like a broken record, but aside from having a homophobic CEO, Brave also has fascist funding!

One of their original investors was Peter Thiel, the souless monster financing Facebook, Palantir Technologies, and the despotic wing of the Republican Party.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this stance!

I think the slur filter is a brilliant idea, especially given the type of person it seems to bother most, and this site feels a lot less toxic than other online communities, probably as a direct result.

For anyone who isn’t aware, Brave Browser is run by a terrible person .

It is also funded by Peter Thiel, the billionaire ‘conservative nationalist’ financing Facebook, Palantir Technologies, and the most egregious fascists in the Republican Party.

If you’re using Android 11, the issue with links is apparently a bug, which should be fixed with the next release.

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