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For sure that’s why I’m still here. I have a much friendlier disagreements with people’s here than the ones I would find on reddit for sure. (I never spent time there so I’m just guessing.)

Interesting take, never thought of this that way but it seems really realistic the way you put it ! That is already happening with mail where the big mail servers start to “defederate” by straight up denying mail from servers they do not recognize. Maybe the day will come where web servers will just send data to recognized browser (already kind of happening)

But what frighten me is hardware discrimination. In the name of security, I think we may soon come to the point where some servers will discriminate against “non-verified hardware”.

This is a way to good representation of how I feel on Lemmy since this war began…

Sure hope this is how things will go. But I fear the monopoly is already too powerful…

  1. Mostly I don’t have/take the time. To be more precise, I think what interest me are discussions and debates. And to be honest, some people here seems to have more time than me. I had to drop discussions that were interesting, or had to abandon a debate because it was to long. It is especially problematic in what I would call “confrontational debate”, where some people either have way more time than others, or even seems to voluntarily “buy time”.

  2. I think attention is precious and don’t feel legimate to take some of other for me (specifically offline where I don’t know the people I’m talking to). I know it is stupid because I myself take my responsibility for the content I allocate time to. But I can’t help being harder on myself than on other on these things.

  3. I love Lemmy technically, but also because of its leftist community. But I must admit I have some criticism against government. China, North Korea, or even Russia are hot subject here, and I don’t feel like it can be sincerely discussed. Which is a shame, because I live Ina western country and I do agree that propaganda is a key problem when it comes to those subject. And I would love to try and understand some complex issues. (I do understand these are difficult subject, and do not want to disqualify anyone thinking differently than me. It’s just that I don’t feel like people try to understand how each other came to different conclusion, but just want to aggressively “win” the debate.

Thank you !

I think I understand what you mean. But then I slightly disagree : if we want to use such a useful program to randomize tests and a free software doing that does not exist, it is not a reason for a “policy maker” to buy a proprietary software, but a reason to pay a developer to write free code.

But if all you mean is “if you HAVE to buy proprietary software, at least do it for something more useful (like randomizing tests)”, yes of course I agree with that !

The real solution is to design exams to allow students to use any sources they like.


(I dont get your second point, could you rephrase it please ?)

Pretty good I guess, but it has just begun.

Funny morning anecdote : visibly not completely awake, after finishing a bowl of cereals with milk this morning, I had my glass beside it and poured water inside the bowl instead of the glass…

To me, philosophy is like the trunk of the tree that sciences form. So to me is kind of part of science. So your question is will this trunk eventually stop and the “tree” only grows outward. I don’t know, but if I had to guess, I think the trunk will go on forever.

(Yes, this is simplified and science is more a network than a tree, but its structure is not perfectly homogeneous and philosophy kind of act as a trunk to me.)

Thanks you for your hard work. I do understand mod work is difficult, and should not be taken from granted. Biases are inevitable, or even sometimes useful. So take my comment for what it is, just how I feel as a user of this fantastic software and instance.

I feel like this post happens because bad behaviours happened a lot lately. And if I had to be honest, the aggressiveness often came from politically close people, meaning people defending PRC or USSR for example. I do understand my own biases as a leftist that think it is important to be way more critic than they are about “those communist countries” even if I agree western propaganda did and still does a lot against them. But I have to admit the action aggressiveness was delivered as if they assumed that moderation and administration were “on their side” and confident they would not get punished. And I have to admit it felt like they assumed right. I do feel like there is a tolerance that goes beyond accepting their political stance, but also allow some clearly unacceptable behavior.

I felt for a long time that Lemmy was a cool space to discuss things among a diversity of leftists that disagree but try to understand each other. It felt like somewhere you could try to change your mind about a multitude of complex political ideas. But recently it feels like people are just throwing what the truth is to them at each other. Many discussions feel useless and violent.

❤️ Cheer to all lemmings that try to keep this a cool discussion space ❤️, sorry for not talking that often.

I think we should recognize the importance of time. I have change my whole political position through my life, I was an right-wing liberal, conservative, even Catholic ! I then met people with different positions, that were willing to have good faith discussion about political disagreements.

Did I change my mind during these discussions. No, of course not. But were there useless ? Not at all. Several years were needed for me to destroy and rebuild a new coherent vision of the world.

Also, we have to recognize that this process can be painfull. If we are talking about individuals, caring about the impact our discourse on their mind is not only kind, but also a key part of an efficient strategy if you hope to change someone’s mind.

(That of course does not apply to structures, that by definition don’t have feelings. Or allegories of such structures. I will happily call Elon Musk a de facto murderer asshole if talking about capitalism through his figure. But if I had a sincere discussion one on one with a literal capitalist, with the hope to change them, that would rarely be a fruitful strategy. Unless shocking them seems efficient.)

Anyway, even if I sometimes (often ?) disagree with you, I hope I will be able to hear what you have to say and that you will hear the critics, so that we both slowly move towards more a precise and pertinent comprehension of the world.

Yeah ! If done right, this kind of structure really are a great thing. I know of a few of those but never went there for now. Have to check this out !

What ? You mean that owning the mean of production of something gives you more power and freedom ? No way !

But having a whole worshop for every person would be ineffective… We could own together the things used to make other thing ! What an original idea. I’m so proud. I will name it… Togetherism. Thank me later.

What a sad demonstration of the violence of intergender (or even intra-gender in fact) relationship under the patriarchy… Being afraid of expressing love and appreciation to another human being.

I use it quite often with my friends, but we know each other enough that there us no doubt. I would like to use it more with people I know less but I am afraid it could be misunderstood. Still, it may be easier for me as an hetero male. My main fear is to appear inappropriatee. I don’t really risk “pussypic” (I just realized the female equivalent of dickpic doesn’t even exist in my head, never saw it before.)

Exactly my though. No idea how it might work but to me this clearly looks like it’s made for this kind of purpose.

Of course you can never be sure. But you cannot be sure about any local player either. Even if it is libre software, it rely on trust. Or you would have to read every piece of software used. In the same way that some software are trustworthy enough to use, some hosts are too.

Sorry if I sound aggressive, I just try to be short <3 !

I have evidence that some don’t. I am personnaly part of an association running a public instance with no user data sold whatsoever.

No I can’t… But I should learn to, there is so much cool libre projects that I would like to help this way.

Overall very satisfied even if I read much more than I post/comment. But discussion tend to be civil and constructive, and moderation is quite on point regarding my polital limits of what is acceptable.

Just wanted share my pride !
I recently set up my (hopefully) definitive setup, and pretty proud as someone without much prior knowledge ! I am so grateful to the great people who build YUNOHOST, it's a great piece of software and a great first step <3 !!!