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Yes, I experience it often. I really enjoy the sound of flakey pastries haha.

It looks like there was a comment deleted. I’ve never seen this before though.

This song is stuck in my head and that’s not a bad thing.

Oh yeah, I agree, the tally of how many so-called friends a person can rack up (on FB for example) is meaningless.

I agree that some people do. I think this post expresses gratitude for people on lemmy in addition to real life friends.

Respectfully, I don’t think those we interact with online are a replacement for people we see in real life. It can be easier to find more people who are like minded and to learn from each other. In this way we can expand our circle.

I’m wondering if this is some sort of puzzle game.

So cute and also accurate.

Well, they didn’t die but may have lost a few brain cells.

That is actually what I resorted to doing. I gave up on plates haha.

Haha! The floor is lava! For real though, a metaphorical pit?

I’m not a gamer at all so it’s interesting to hear this from a gaming perspective. I didn’t see it from that view. Additionally, there are perspectives in this thread different from mine and yours. It gets us a thinking and I like to see the different directions. I underestimated the thought provocation of this post.

And it takes me to our life decisions. We feel more comfortable taking leaps in life if we know we have support. The left looks sturdy and the right looks more risky.

I can see how you got here.

Yeah, it’s as if it requires more focus.

Doom Scrolling
Do people want to see more positive posts? Do you feel the negative affects of doom scrolling?

ASMR - Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response
Does anyone else here have ASMR? I have it and would like to know other people's experiences. What do you like? I find pulling crispy pastry strudel to be just wonderful. Crunching leaves as I walk. Pop-its. So many sounds.

Remind you of someone [@seahorse@midwest.social](https://midwest.social/u/seahorse)?

Discussion on Perception
Do you ever wonder if the person you think you are is how others perceive you? For example: I was very shy when I was younger. I felt what I had to say wasn't important so I didn't talk. I learned that instead of seeming shy, people thought I was stuck up and "too good" to talk to them. It's not about caring what other people think. It's about how we form connections, display emotions, etc., as a result of the person we show to others.

Leveling up in the Fediverse
Before I met my boyfriend (seahorse) I hadn't heard of Lemmy or the word Fediverse. I didn't know there was this world of federated servers people could host independently that communicate with each other. I am by far not a techy. He told me he ran an instance. My response was exactly, "What is Lemmy instance? Idk about such things." I gave this silly response because I felt a bit stupid due to my ignorance. Hosting. Servers. What? During my short time here I have seen a stark contrast between Lemmy, and FB and IG. I feel sort of a sense of leveling up (thanks to him). I still have my accounts on the latter two social media platforms, but dislike them for several reasons. I like that Lemmy isn't a popularity contest. People don't post pictures depicting a fake perfect life, there is no competition for followers/friends, and no one is trying to sell me something. I hope this sticks. I hope to expand my use of Lemmy and my knowledge.

Caring for Elderly Parent
How do you handle being the one out of your siblings who is caring for your parent? I am trying to accept that because I live here (since my mom's injury) I do pretty much everything and will from now on. Why don't siblings want to be around and help? I can't change anyone. Trying to practice radical acceptance.