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This is not a poll either.

How can there be negative comments?

Invidious was actin hella slow yesterday i had to download the vids

Ranting on someone =/= platforming How many ppl became Vaushites after browsing r/EnoughVaushSpam? I CERTAINLY DIDN’T!

Isn’t invidious open source

Quit downvoting these posts

i think we found the guy from the math problems

Test: Lemmy to Masto
This is a test.

New Community: Enough Vowsh Spam
For when you're so fed up with Vowsh you need to rant on him

New community: AdvTrains
For everything about the Advanced Trains mod for Minetest

I want to start selfhosting Minetest
Problem being, my best computer is a Fujitsu Lifebook with 4GB ram and a Core i5. I also am concerned about getting haxxed. Any help would be awesome! ^^

I actually want to go back to in person school.

Why do you use darkly and not i386?

People need to stop bashing on freenode’s server splitting.

Just go to the 3 horizontal line menu and click “Create Community”