As opposed to a “subreddit” ?
Do people just say community? It seems a little vague to me, and I’m new here.

  • Mad
    102 years ago

    i propose: lemmunity

    community is too common of a word and sublemmy doesn’t sound right

  • Liwott
    52 years ago

    The official word is “community”. One thing I don’t like about it is that it is too generic to be reserved for that usage. Like it is hard not to confuse “a Lemmy community” (a sub) and “the Lemmy community” (the set of people exchanging over Lemmy). “Lemmunity” was proposed in another comment, I like that !

    A lot of people use “sublemmy” or “sub”, but I don’t think it is a good idea to copy the Reddit terminology. Also, let us recall that “subreddit” means “subdirectory of reddit”, so maybe “subinstance” makes more sense.

    In the ActivityPub language, it is a Group, maybe it would make sense to just call it a “group”. It would make things less confusing when posting a issue on another fedi software asking for more compatibility with Lemmy.

    Note that Friendica calls a Group a “forum”, which also makes sense. I think Mastodon plans to call it a “group”.

    2 years ago

    2c. Communities. You create and join communities. Talking about a specific community - @music@sopuli, music community on sopuli Lemmy as a whole/collective - lemmyverse