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I used to edit the source code of gnome-screenshot in order to remove this cheesy flash BS but later they did something to the libraries to force that crap on the users, so I uninstalled that and moved to scrot. As I like to say often - the person who will impose their vision of how things should work and happen on my computer hasn’t been born yet. That was the only time I edited a code. Oh, wait, no, there’s one more - I edited the xkb symbols files for BG and US layouts and those were originally written in C++ but they weren’t compiled.

Yeah… thanks, but no, thanks. LOL I already tried 6.0. Here’s why I’m staying with 5.19 for a long time to come: https://lemmy.ml/post/576205/comment/327710

Holy krap, that’s a disaster! Kernel 6 with the most bugged desktop in the world of linux - it’s not gonna end well for some of the users. Kernel 6 turns off and on the LAN card whenever it feels like it, with that kernel X doesn’t want to start most of the time (especially when resuming from suspend), add to all that the desktop environment full of never fixed bugs at every corner (so to speak) and you have a recipe for a disaster.

Snap, flatpak, even appimages don’t always work, so all 3 suck. Everything I have ever installed from snap or flatpak has never ever run (click the .desktop file and the program doesn’t run), sometimes even appimages won’t run, whereas anything compiled from source runs just fine 99% of the time. I hope that the Arch team NEVER even considers adding these 3 garbages, otherwise I’ll have to look for another distro, which is gonna be extremely painful.

IDK about that year but yesterday was my Day of the Linux desktop. After 7 years of dual booting, I finally had enough of Microshit’s crap and deleted Windows and everything related to it - ISO files, activators, Win installation and converted all the drives to ext4, to make sure there’s no trace left of that idiotic OS.

That gaming revolution wouldn’t have happened, if they hadn’t made SteamOS Arch-based first, bc gaming on Arch is a lot easier than on any other distro.

I’ve tried many times to run games with lutris and it never worked - no game ever ran, they only spit tons of errors. So I found a better and easier way for myself - simply put the DXVK files in the directory with the exe file and run the game. That’s it - it works in 90% of the cases which is a lot higher percentage than trying with lutris or POL.

Right click on the exe, go to “open with…” and select “Wine Windows Program Loader”. This will set WWPL to be used for all EXE files. From there all he needs to do is to double click the EXE and it will install just like in Windows - no need for overrated disasters like Lutris or POL.

Recently pamac-classic was finally fixed and I was able to finally install pacman 6. Turns out that the paralel download function is even better than I thought. :D The update process happens so fast that I can’t even see what’s happening in the terminal. :D Speaking of which, I also noticed that the process “mkinitcpio -P” happens about twice faster than before. :D :D Bottom line - I love pacman 6! :D

From all DEs I’ve ever tried, only Cinnamon met my needs and requirements - highly customizable (almost limitless) and also this is the only DE that can run apps from any other DE whereas the other desktops can’t brag about the same.

It’s not hard, I’ve done it several times - especially when packing a large archive at maximum compression with p7zip (and the flags -mx --mmt=8; -mx means maximum compression level and mmt=8 means “use 8 threads”) - 30GB or larger. RAM goes 15-18 GB, the CPU goes at 100%. What’s interesing is that if I do the same in Windows, my PC will literally die and become useless whereas 100% CPU in Linux and I’m still able to use my PC normally as if I’m not doing anything. :D Which is why Linux is my main OS.

Octopi - how to make it display only packages waiting for update?
Hi. I wanna make octopi behave as close as possible to what pamac was, meaning that I want it to display only the packages with available updates. Atm it displays all installed packages and on top of that it ignores the pacman.conf feature "ignorepkg" and displays waiting updates for packages that I've added to ignorepkg. So, what I need help with is: 1. How to make octopi display only packages waiting for updates? 2. The above but WITHOUT displaying new versions for packages that are in the ignorepkg list.

I switched to Linux 6 years ago when I first heard that Windows 7’s support will be ended. So I figured I’d better start using Linux, so that I’ve gotten used to it when Windows 7 dies. In time I found out that Linux does many things better and faster and so my love for Linux kept growing. Nowadays I do have a dual boot with Windows 7 but I keep the Win for only 1 thing: to reprogram the G-keys on my keyboard whenever I need (the software for that works only in Windows) which happens once in 6 months or so.

Funny thing is that when I first switched to Linux (Mint), there was a weird problem that caused the distro to think my 1 TB HDD was a “Picture CD” and what’s even funnier is that none of the linux gurus I asked could ever solve the problem. Eventually I solved it myself and started using Linux normally without restrictions.

Looks like nVidia are gonna headshot AMD… again. :D

Octopi doesn’t get along with GTK, so I avoid using it.

It’s out, yes, but updating pacman broke pamac-classic, so I’ve restored from a backup image and I’ve disabled updates for pacman and all packages related to package management (just in case) until the problem is solved. I’m using pamac-classic as just a visual update notifier. After the update of pacman pamac-classic wouldn’t start (doesn’t show up in tray) and without it I can’t know when there’s an update available, so I did the only thing I could - restored from backup and disabled updates for anything related to package management.

I downloaded hexchat, added the server address for libera.chat and at first it seems to be connected but then for unknown reason the remote server disconnects me. Any ideas?

Btw, is there are any approximate date for the release of 6.0?

Sounds good! I was thinking about something similar a few months ago but the Arch community isn’t exactly very open minded to suggestions, so I gave up posting it in the forum.

I’ve limited the down/up speed in the programs that have this feature. But the internet browsers don’t have it and it’s their speed I’m trying to limit.

Thanks. :) Seeing that there are two votes here for wondershaper, I decided to try that one first. I did read the instruction in github but since I’ve never used it before, I can’t be sure if what I did was right. I wanted it to remember the setting permanently, so I figured it would be best to save the setting in its empty wondershaper.conf file (in /etc/systemd). At the moment there are no new updates available, so I’ll have to wait until a new update arrives in order to test it. Or, if I’m not bothering you, you can tell me if this content of /etc/systemd/wondershaper.conf is sufficient to work: -a enp0s25 -d 31000 -u 31000

My LAN card’s name is enp0s25.

Edit: apparently I’m not doing it right. I found a way to test it with one of my large files on Google Drive (after reboot) and despite my setting of 31000 KB/sec., it still downloads at a higher rate than that - 33000+ KiB. According to Digital Storage, 31000 KB/sec = 30273.44 KiB. That means I’m doing it wrong.

I’m using trizen. IDK how the other helpers do things, but when there’s an update from the official repo, trizen seems to be passing the task to pacman automatically which is the reason I like it. Recently, after having some PGP keys problem, someone told me to try yay and that it supposedly imports keys automatically but it didn’t, so I uninstalled it.

The change that caught my eye was the paralel download. :)

Limit the download speed from within the OS?
Hi, guys. I'm wondering if there's any way to limit the download speed from within Arch? I have made settings for that in the router CP but they don't seem to work bc Arch is completely ignoring them and keeps downloading with the full bandwidth it can get. The thing is that our IPTV is from another provider which is why I need to leave some bandwidth for the TV. When I'm downloading something directly (meaning from FTP or TCP), even if it's just for a fraction of the second, the TV dies instantly. That's why I need to limit the download speed somehow - preferably from within Arch.

I’ve known about Pidgin for 5 years already - ever since I migrated to Linux. But IDK of any servers - IRC or otherwise with active users, so it’s kinda useless to me. Unless someone here wishes to suggest such servers. I’m mostly interested in these things as a reference point of what servers I’m looking for: Linux (and/or Arch Linux), Supergirl, Atheism, metal (music).

The way the first post was written leaves me with the impression that lemmy.ml and Lemmy are two different things ran by the same person or people. I also saw somewhere on this site the sentence “lemmy.nl is the flagman of the Lemmy network” which also suggest that .ml and Lemmy are two different things.

Can you post a link to your Lemmy? When I ask the Duck about it, it shows me this old guitarrist from UK. I don’t wanna ask Google. When I type “Lemmy net” it shows me an internet company in Germany but nothing with forums.