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The problem I have with that is that it finds all YT vids and doesn’t have a section just for shorts.

Are virtual cards not pointless?
When you buy something online, you obviously need to give your card details, which are tied to you. Virtual cards solve that, but, in the UK (and I think most places) you also need to provide a **billing address**. I don't think virtual card providers give you a masked billing address and I doubt you will be able to use a PO box with most banks to try and prevent fraud. Because of this, can online purchases still be linked to you even with virtual cards?

Anyone know it there is a privacy-friendly YT Shorts frontend?
I doubt there is as its quite specific but I want an Android app that works similarly to the shorts tab in the official YT app but without all the trackers, ads, algorithms, etc. Kinda like NewPipe, but with a nicer way of browsing shorts. There is YT Vanced but I don't know if that removes YouTube/Google's trackers or not. If anyone can help that would be awesome!

I like Brave with DDG as it is relatively simple and doesn’t break loads of sites. I also use the uMatrix extension to block 3rd party JS, this means most sites work fine with their own JS but any other JS is blocked by default.

Awesome! Still waiting for a dedicated GPU though…

The last link you added was in English for me

Not FOSS, but I just use DuckDuckGo’s translator which uses Microsoft translate but has some privacy protections in place by DDG.

Not used Mint, but I loved Zorin. I did have a problem with the GNOME Software Store where nothing would load until I ended it through the system monitor but other than that it was good.

Mint doesn’t detect my graphics card and had some weird display bugs so make sure to try both as a live OS before installing and check about system in system settings to ensure your hardware is correctly detected.

Tesla will tell you to pay attention, the driver is always at fault. Tesla’s system is law-abiding and the law says the driver of the car is responsible, even if they technically aren’t driving.

Short answer: probably.

Long answer: Its hard to tell. Their privacy policy doesn’t really mention it, however it does say they store some “biometric” data, not a clue what it refers to though. This data could be leaked in some form of data breach. I would recommend emailing them ( as they may be able to help more.

Awesome site! I think it will be very useful for beginners to go through at their own pace and help them understand what each suggestion will won’t do.