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They’re semi-public spaces, I’m not sure “infiltrate” is the right term. (I’d call it correct for WhatsApp though.)

Running, as for several people above. Singing / dancing (very poorly) as well. Journaling / writing down my thoughts when they get overwhelming.

On a regular basis, reading. It’s not a quick pick-me-up when I’m not doing great, but it improves my overall well-being.

I’m moving to a smaller city soon and am super excited about that.

Also, Olympics qualifiers - Olympics are a bit more than a year away but hey, that’s a workaround :)

aw yay, happy 18th in not too long! and enjoy the holidays!

ah, yeah, that wasn’t my smartest comment :')

Everyone who hasn’t specifically deselected “Undetermined” in their settings, from what I understand.

Yeah, maybe having a single recommended instance on the signup flow also meant centralizing the spamming, woops.

Finding out about Lemmy was this amazing extension of the Fediverse that could improve (and maybe eventually replace, but I’m not there yet) Reddit, which I’ve used for 10+ years and really love.

To be fair, pretty much every Lemmy community is underactive outside of the FOSS ones.

Based on my Reddit favourites, I think I’d like local (city, region, country) ones, as well as ones about specific games (Stardew Valley community when?) and books (Discworld!). Also home decor and cooking ones.

Is there a FediAct equivalent for Lemmy?
FediAct makes a bunch of redirections to Mastodon so that you can easily interact with people outside of your instance. Does Lemmy have a similar solution? I've been struggling hard to follow communities from federated instances, and would love to be able to do it in one click.

thanks this was a cute throwback to how ignorant we were in 2020

Fitness band! Many governmental health organization recommend using an Apple watch because it’s “the best thing out there” and it kills me

Writing down general thoughts to revisit them days, weeks, months or years later.

Any day at the choice of the worker, so that they can run all their errands and there’s no general closure.

Not in the current way things are organized. I think everyone who is involved in the agriculture and/or food industries should prioritize veganism and make it easier to be vegan, meaning that you can still eat animal products but that they’re never offered as a default, you’d have to go to a specialized shop to buy them for instance instead of them being offered in all restaurants and supermarkets.

The effort should not lie on the consumer, with a limited choice of vegan options (especially if you don’t want to spend time cooking), but on the production and distribution channels.

I have nothing against it, as long as the Fedi remains open source and we can still operate instances that don’t cater to their will.

Quick summary: this is a post for instance owners who don’t want to get sued under US law for what members of their instance have posted. It mostly covers copyright infringements, but also a few other topics like sexual imagery of children.

I love my Mastodon plugin, but wish I could have a Lemmy plugin to easily share stuff. It would be much more constructive than sharing on Mastodon too, as the format for sharing content that is made by someone else is more suited to Lemmy in my opinion.

yeah, I’ve got Mastodon figured out, been there for a couple of years :) for peertube and Lemmy I’m struggling though!

Thank you! I used to use Mastodon Simplified Federation which I loved, but it seems that the latest Mastodon update broke it entirely.

I love walking (either hiking in nature or walking around and discovering new parts of my city), have recently gotten into running (I’m terrible at it, but oh, the dopamine!!), and read a lot of books!

A critical mass of users. Also, good discovery: going through directories of communities and accounts etc. is sometimes exhausting and has high noise-to-signal ratio, and I wish we were more active in sharing recommendations for cool accounts or communities of the Fediverse!