i make music, mom says im good

feel free to listen to it idk: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/amplifi/rocky

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apparently the colour of the heart emoji can indicate the intention, but it’s not a standard thing and kinda pointless. if you use it a lot and in non suggestive messages then you normalise it and remove any inherent value it has. if you never use it and then send it to someone once it may seem like it’s a romantic gesture, i don’t use it unless the other person does it in a clearly platonic or romantic way, then i can gauge what it means to them. and i mostly use the emoticon equivalent <3 which seems to be a more friendly heart imo

that won’t really replace a proxy to tiktok though. proxitok makes browsing tiktok better and more private whereas goldfish is an entirely different platform, which won’t host the same audience or content as tiktok. still an exciting development!

the addon ecosystem might be ported to android too? I hope so, extensibility is what i love most about thunderbird :D

Masks are a godsend for us ugly people lol

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The UI is far from boring in TempleOS lmao

micro looks promising, i just use nano when i’m in the terminal lol

if you don’t like the javascript, feel free to search for “amplifi” on a more private front-end on any major streaming outlet (newpipe on android, available on F Droid, is a front-end for Youtube)

Is ardour actually a good DAW? I wanted to try it out, but I couldn’t find a binary for Windows either. At that point I was using FL (still am :D) and I felt donating would be a good thing, but I wouldn’t have found any worth in it

Yeah, which I don’t complain about, even though I change to ddg instantly lol

It’s unfortunate that they make a huge amount of their profits from that though

Firefox, my favourite browser, I’m hoping Mozilla won’t have to get revenue through other ways (data collection /ads) , thus I’m making a point of donating a small amount to the likes of Firefox, Wikipedia, etc