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I’m surprised antics like this are allowed. I always enjoy unpinning edge from my taskbar. I know it is fixable through some profile fix of sorts but it is just too much of a bother.

A post from the hackernews thread had a lot of that info:

Link to project website: https://senseable.mit.edu/flatburn/

Link to assembly guide: https://github.com/MIT-Senseable-City-Lab/OSCS/blob/main/Bui

Link to bill of materials: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-fR-0hTxHKbjaRf8DbH6

Naively searching for every lines of the bill of materials gives me around $300, with a handful of items being around $50 and everything else under $5. I’m sure a hobbyist could find the parts for cheaper, especially things like individuals connectors that I found for around $5. I’ve seen them go as low as $0.25 when bulk purchased.

Disclaimer: it’s possible that some SKUs led me to the wrong products. I am not into electronics. I encourage you do to the same exercise before drawing conclusions.

Without direct support in Borg you’ll need to use something like FUSE, for example with a quick search I found: https://github.com/matteoserva/MegaFuse

Basically use fuse to mount the mega drive to a local folder and point Borg at it. This will likely be slow but it’ll he the job done. Or you can o it in two steps. Backup to local drive, upload the wholefoldedr you backed up to Mega.

Fdroid version is lagging behind quite a bit.

Kodi continues to be a cornerstone in the media playing space. Thank you for all the years of great media watching experience!

I’m not saying it is right but expecting a for profit mindset to want to give dev cycles to open source projec is a surprisingg expectation. Companies only do it for money or to avoid being shamed. If a company is on its way out you can forget contributions from them in general.

Cool that they are adding this but I am slightly disappointed that it appears to be their own protocol.

Is there a place where things like this tend to land or just wait and search?

Glad to see more attention here it was a sad day when I found Outlook as the best email client on Android. The free ones just aren’t as streamlined and clean. Swipe to archive was also a must for me. Let’s hope thunderbird on Android gives it a run for its money!

Yes this indeed feels like a rerun.

Thank you for the tip!

Side note, doesn’t appear to work on mobile.

Yeah I don’t think I understood your question correctly initially. You are asking about whether or not MS could use your hardware to power azure as sort of a way for them to steal resources exploiting their market dominance?

The answer is yes. Would they? Even if it is legal (maybe it already is, IANAL) for them to do it I doubt they’d do it . My two cents is that the reality is the resulting product would be too unreliable to sell to customers, especiaply Enterprise customers. I guess they could sell preemptive VMs but even then there are so many things they can’t control: network, hardware, availability, basically the only use a system without more guarantees is for raw computation like Bitcoin mining or folding@home like applications. Sure they could do that and sell it but they’ve chosen not to for some reason. The technology has existed she nice the late 90s. Likely doesn’t make monetary sense.

Which market? If you are saying cloud (which I assumed) that is not accurate.

AWS 32%


GCP 9%


My guess would be due to competetitve advantage and a lack of economic incentive. It takes a lot to build any number of those things and a lot of them benefit from trade secrets that likely would be public if the whole thing was open source.

What is the desired effect this creates?

Maybe post some constructive information about that to educate people rather than a meme that says more about the author than a particular situation they are trying to describe.

What’s the recommended alternative? As I’ve said before on someone’s post on this topic, the reality is a lot of the audience this person is likely trying to reach already has discord installed. I am all for using OSS but the desire to reach the masses makes I difficult.

What should people be using?

Hopefully it works as well as back of the phone fingerprint readers. That seemed like the perfect solution but they decided onscreen was better. It probably is more intuitive but I liked the back of the phone best.

The bugs listed in the latest release is from 2016. I’d probably not risk it :)

You using budgie as your DE or what? I’m looking for a new family friendly distro to replace windows (by request believe it or not) and this one keeps coming up.

Thanks for the post. It seems to conclude that using fstab is the best way to go.

Nice post. Why did you choose to go with systemd over fstab? What advantages did it give you?

Like many things in computers the term shell ia overloaded. This is Maui Shell similar to what Gnome Shell is from wikipedia: "GNOME Shell is the graphical shell of the GNOME desktop environment starting with version 3, which was released on April 6, 2011. It provides basic functions like launching applications, switching between windows and is also a widget engine. "

If this combined i3 tiling I’d probably make this my main driver. Nice to see development still plugging along. Ive been using terminology for quite some time now.