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As a replacement for SMS with people you know and share phone number with though, it’s sufficient.

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RSS is a format for data (often served over HTTPS), not a protocol. I don’t really understand comparing a data format to a federated communication protocol.

Besides what SudoDnfDashY said, I’m sure it really depends on why you hate your country. Or put another way, how much your country hates you. I don’t like the United States, but I’m not in any danger here. I also don’t assume that any country I choose is going to be thrilled to have me.

I respect his decision, but I don’t understand it honestly. A lot of worrying about bad reviews? Or if it’s pulled from the play store, worry about losing users? Why is that even a concern? Oh well. If he doesn’t want to work on it anymore that’s all the justification he needs.

I had no idea this was in the works, but I’m very happy to hear it. I love Thunderbird.

That’s down to a lack of class consciousness, right? When you are blinded to class then all you have are these social grievances against a hegemonic liberal, and in the case of Twitter specifically, (D)emocratic, dogma. To these people, just annoying liberals is subversion. Just annoying liberals is enough to elect Donald Trump, and I’m pretty sure it will be enough to do far worse.

It will be interesting to watch this play out. I’ve heard people say that the board could be sued if they refuse the offer because they would be turning down a payout for investors. On the other hand, if we take Musk at face value and believe that his goal is to reduce censorship, I think the board could argue that less censorship = less advertising = less revenue long term.

As for me, whatever happens I hope it sucks enough to shake Twitter as an institution of elite discourse. I don’t expect that to happen, though.

Last I checked is still the recommended way to install the LetsEncrypt certbot, though these days I tend to have that happen within containers anyway.

I think NewPipe is just reading the youtube.com website, and it’s not derived from the youtube app (like Vanced was) nor is it using any Youtube trademarks. It will probably be fine.

There’s speculation that google dropped the hammer on Vanced because they recently announced a Vanced NFT, but I I’m not sure about that. Maybe?

Any OS I use is not secure because I am very dangerous

Discovery, like with all fediverse software, probably isn’t going to be very robust if present at all.

It’s only going to grow in the future, probably to the point where eventually Linux will become the main platform.

I would argue that the only reason we’re even having this conversation is that it seems like a possibility that Linux could become a mainstream gaming platform. Maybe not even likely, but possible- and that’s largely thanks to Valve pushing for platform independence and flexibility.

Is that really what they said? A little while ago I read that it was because many of the options in there didn’t work on Firefox Mobile to begin with.

I’ve been a $5/month supporter of the Godot patreon for a long while.

I’m right there with you. I feel like I’ve been drifting utterly rudderless and without motivation to do even basic things these past few weeks. At least I recognize that feeling for what it is and can believe that its highly unlikely to persist for much longer, but man it has been brutal.

It’s from a Tim and Eric sketch.

I knew I’ve seen variants of that avatar around!

At least as much as Sonic the Hedgehog exists?

Yes, every time I see this I think “stop trying to make web3 a thing. It’s not a thing.”

There are definitely some rough spots. They intend to have rotation working soon, but I was surprised by that omission as well.

That’s all that matters from the point of view of most consoomers though- is it good and is it worth the price? And for most people, nope, probably not.

I think most people buying it though are like me, i.e. linux-using nerds willing to spend a bit to get something unique in the market.

Depends on the HDMI standard of the output. If it’s HDMI 2.0 or better it should be just as good.

I know most people browsing this site know this, but you can also enable network-wide DNS-based adblocking with something like Pi Hole. This is especially useful for blocking ads and tracking on appliances and smart TVs.

Yeah, I started with Bitwarden official and have moved to bitwarden-rs, now called Vaultwarden. Much better suited to my needs, with just 3 users.

Friendica integrates both with Diaspora and ActivityPub.

Weird, I have never once gotten any unsolicited messages on Signal.

Many just don’t want to know or think they know better.

Don’t forget those who do know and simply don’t consider it important, or consider the trade off between convenience and privacy to be acceptable.

You’re basically competing with “Simply download the app (Signal) and use it.” That’s a tough thing to motivate anyone to do, and I can’t articulate in a convincing way to anyone I know why it’s better. In practical terms as far as they’re concerned, Matrix are XMPP are not any better and my preference that we didn’t use siloed centralized services is purely abstract to them.

I never considered that. I wonder if there’s any sort of digital signage that comes with home theater/gaming features like HDR and variable frame rate.

Yeah, the best you can do currently is not connect the TV to the network at all and use a set top style PC you can control to handle all media playback. It would be amazing if there was an ecosystem of privacy respecting custom firmwares for these devices.

I think what most of us are wondering is if there’s any reason they can’t just comply. It would be awfully suspicious.

https://github.com/dotnet/source-build/issues/1930 Here’s more info about the bootstrapping problem if anyone is interested.

The sequence of commits you’d have to build to get from one to the the other might be prohibitively long, and AFAIK nobody is tracking this. Fortunately we avoid using floating versions in our repos (we commit updated pinned versions into the repo source), so it should be traceable. But I don’t think we have tooling to do that tracing.

It sounds like it might be theoretically possible, but unproven and not at all practical in the current scenario.

I agree with this, and I think hand-wringing about shitty people using software and the possible ensuing moral panic in media is pointless. You can make it a bit more situationally inconvenient like you do with the hard-coded slur filter, but ultimately It’s not something you can prevent when you’re creating free communication tools.

  • Provide a free tool to enable decentralized communication.
  • Prevent adoption of your tool by people whose ideologies you consider dangerous.

As a software engineer, those two goals are fundamentally at odds- you cannot accomplish one without compromising the other. Therefore I think the onus is on a community of admins and users to moderate, make careful federation choices, and to promote Lemmy and the fediverse to their own circles. You can’t short circuit the hard work of community growth and management with software design alone.

The JIngPad A1 seems to be coming close to release and several prototypes have been sent out. I have to say, it's looking pretty good! I have ordered one myself and I'd be happy to discuss it further when I get it. Contrary to the pinephone/pinetab, this device is targeting a wide audience of end users and not just enthusiasts and developers. It uses relatively high end components, but likely as a result it does not have mainline Linux kernel support. (yet?) Here's another look from TuxPhones: https://tuxphones.com/jingos-linux-tablet-review-part-1/ I seem to recall that some "le reddit sleuth" decided that this was a complete scam and that they had nothing but photoshopped iPads and many people decided that they were right. ("We did it, reddit!")