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Maybe, that is how I learned of this site. I try to hit the “All” button though to get more content, but tbh I never looked into how federation worked and what the instances even mean on a technological level. I should probably do that since I work in tech and admitting that makes me feel foolish.

Too late, happened already earlier this year, remember?

The book being burned is Maus, a book about the Holocaust. The irony is not lost on me.

It could be more exciting to have all three together going at it.

The kid is low key a Communist. He enjoys the trucks more now that the joy of playing with them is more equally distributed to his fellow kids.

In the event of global warfare I doubt those border disputes will matter to anyone and China likely won’t worry about them either, since they’ll likely be busy killing Capitalists.

But think about the war profffiiiiitttttsssss…