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Hi, I’m new to Lemmy. I saw the post about LemmyBB on hacker news and it brought me here. On the HN thread you can see the discussion on the slur filter right from the beginning. I consider myself very tolerant and I personally would not have added it by default. I also understand that the authors see things differently.

I want to thank the team who made this project a reality. You’ve built a serious alternative to a massive echo-chamber propaganda machine. THANK YOU. The slur filter is a non issue and whoever is only focused on that doesn’t understand the dire situation we reached with walled gardens being built everywhere on the internet, which is actually becoming more of an intranet …

Hi all, new to lemmy this is my first post :)

For me it has always been a pain to manage bookmarks mostly due to the fact that I switch browser every few years and sometimes use different browsers for different contexts. In the past I also did front web development for which I had to use multiple browser profiles and platforms.

My main bookmark store has always been firefox because it supports tags which I use massively. I also used to use the mobile app with the sync service but the user experience is horrendous. You get a big ugly folder selection interface with no easy way to add keywords, basically hinting you to use their “profit making” Pocket service. On my PC I use mostly Qutebrowser which is based on chromium and has a very basic bookmark system.

Actually this problem was so much annoying that I started working on my own solution in the last 2 years. I wanted a tool that has zero dependencies on any external plugin, can handle any browser, or as a matter of fact, anything that needs to be saved for later, and no need for cloud it can work on a single machine or be self-hosted to sync between multiple machines.

tldr; it’s such a pain I’m making my own solution